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Learn Powerful PowerPoint in 4 hours

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a fun program to learn that gives your presentations structure and professionalism. We recently spent 4 hours getting a technical product manager up to speed with PowerPoint so that he can use Powerpoint slides to demonstrate his companies products to their dealer network. Geoff had used the program only sparingly over the years but the time had come for him to quickly get up to speed so he could look professional with his dealer network.

In the 4 hour training session he had all the skills to create his own presentations from scratch, use company templates, create flowcharts and diagrams, charts and animations and even incorporate music and video into his presentations. He also had access to our online course and some course notes to keep as a reference.

See our PowerPoint course outline and enrol into our online course, or make contact to organise a half day training session at your office or our training centres.

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