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Are you an absolute beginner, but not a dummy?

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Do you know how to use a mouse? Would you believe that a lot of people don’t? Skills like what right-clicking does, using the scroll ball and lifting the mouse during use are skills that make a huge difference to many computer users.

When we operated training centres in Sydney from 2000-2006 one of our most popular series of courses was Absolute Beginners, Typing and Saving files, Website browsing and searching and using email. We’ve always had training materials for absolute beginners, but we’ve now introduced them as a stand alone online course called “Computer Learners”. You can visit to see all the topics that are covered in the 6 beginners courses and you can enrol in all of them for only $97.

This course would ideally suit an absolute beginner with a friend who is willing to help them get started and if they get stuck. We’ve used it for retraining and with a bit of one to one coaching students have been able to access the learning material and study by themselves.

You can enrol at our website and if you operate a training centre and need a basic guide (includes 6 training workbooks) please contact our sales department at

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