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MYOB Professional Partners and Certified Consultants and EzyLearn

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Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

professional MYOB Partners and online training coursesWe recently mentioned our EzyLearn online training business opportunity and were surprised at the response. We were particularly surprised the receive applications from some MYOB Professional Partners who are looking for an online training solution to provide to their clients.

This makes sense when you understand that every business has different circumstances and they use MYOB software in different ways. When they need individual attention to these problems they turn to someone who understands the software intimately and they understand the price they have to pay for this expertise.

An MYOB training course however is designed to give 80% of the people who need to USE it on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis most of the skills they need to be confident with the software to perform the bookkeeping function.

So combining the EzyLearn MYOB training courses with some professional one to one consulting is a beautiful combination.

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