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Get MYOB Test Drives (inc. AccountEdge for Mac) for free?

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

We recently had an inquiry from one of our MYOB Training students about accessing the free MYOB test drive software. We mention to students that we provide a link to the software in our course, but we happily also hand the link out to anyone who wants to get to know about the software.

Although EzyLearn is an MYOB reseller and we have sold MYOB software in the past, we know that there are much better online retailers who focus on selling MYOB software online. There are comparison sites that even allow you to compare the cost of MYOB software from different retailers of the software you are looking for.

We also assume that you can install software on your computer or have a friend or colleague or IT consultant that can help you install software.

The MYOB Test Drive can be purchased for a low amount (with cashback) from retailers like Officeworks or downloaded directly from the MYOB website for free.

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1 thought on “Get MYOB Test Drives (inc. AccountEdge for Mac) for free?

  1. […] A common question we are asked about our MYOB training courses is if you need to have the software on your computer to do the course. The good news is that MYOB offer a free version of their software for students and trials, it’s called the MYOB Test Drive. […]

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