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Did you get your electricity bill?

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Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Electricity prices powerpoint, energy efficiency and Microsoft ExcelThere was a letter from the Energy company sitting on my desk today. I took a deep breath, prepared myself for a new invoice and opened it. To my pleasant surprise there was no bill, instead I received a letter with an accompanying brochure, warning me of my impending bill.

But it wasn’t really a brochure, it was my terms and conditions. I am certain that I had seen this before so why did they send it again? What I was most impressed with was how they sent these terms and conditions. Rather than send them in fine print on lengthy A4 pages it came in the form of a brochure. That alone made sifting through them easy to digest – very smart Tru Energy.

We thought we would use this opportunity to share with you a great story about how one company, EnergyAction used our Excel training course at a training centre near their Sydney office in Parramatta, to teach their employees how to create excellent spreadsheets that demonstrate how much money they can save on their electricity costs.

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