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Grandpa Jack is a nerd

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Samsung-Galaxy-S3 with Telstra and not OptusI wrote about strategic management decisions earlier this year to confirm our decision to make our online training courses available to training institutions to use as part of their courses. I chose those words because they were fresh in my mind and part of the Applied Finance course I am studying with Kaplan Professional. It confirmed in my mind that the “market” changes every month. Every month you need to improve what you offer and how you offer it otherwise you may drop behind.

I was reminded about this concept today when I ordered my new Samsung Galaxy S3 from Telstra after being a loyal Optus customer for more than a decade. The prices of Optus and Telstra are now very similar and I was have terrible problems with the quality of the Optus network, it was an easy decision to make. While I was in the shop I had a conversation with Grandpa Jack who was buying exactly the same phone and the Telstra shop man and I joked that Jack’s grand kids would look at him very differently and think he was a nerd.

It occurred to me that Grandpa Jack wasn’t really a nerd, he was just in the market for a new phone and a new plan and wanted the best phone he could buy considering he’ll probably keep it for as long as possible. This concept made me think about our online MYOB training courses and how students who’ve been enrolled since our LIFETIME student access started in January 2011. Do they still see the website as a great tool to learn new things about MYOB since we’ve updated and improved the MYOB Reporting, GST & BAS and the MYOB Payroll course?

If you are an early EzyLearn student and have some comments about the value of your course today please feel free to email our sales team at and share your experiences.

Oh, by the way, as I was leaving the Telstra shop I heard Jack asking the shop assistant, “What is a nerd”?


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