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LIFETIME membership for MYOB online training course

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

OldCoupleInLovebyErikclitgaad - lifetime MYOB and Excel training course We use the EzyLearn Blog to announce improvements, additions and updates to existing courses and training services and today we announce LIFETIME access to students who enrol into our MYOB Training Course from today onwards. This feature will be introduced to our other courses during the year.

It’s finally here. We’ve made some improvements to our MYOB Training course during the New Year period and are thrilled to announce the latest and greatest feature in online MYOB training. “Lifetime membership” for our online MYOB training course.

Lifetime membership means that after you have completed your course you are free to use the training site as a resource for the rest of your working life! As new content and online learning resources are created, you will have access to these resources for no extra charge.

If you agree with us that this offer is amazing share it on Twitter or Facebook and tell your friends. Otherwise head over to our online training course website to learn more about what we offer OR test your MYOB skills using our free MYOB online training skills test.

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6 thoughts on “LIFETIME membership for MYOB online training course

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