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CPD for Bookkeepers

I WAS RESEARCHING ABOUT SAFE HARBOURS for a recent blog post and noticed a reference to an ATO Practice Statement. I then realised another reason why Continuing Professional Development (CPD for Bookkeepers) is so important.

Safe Harbours only became relevant to bookkeepers since changes in the law made it mandatory for anyone lodging a BAS to be a registered BAS agent. These changes then resulted in registered Bookkeepers needing Professional Indemnity Insurance and qualifications that demonstrated a thorough understanding of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Safe Harbours ATO PS LA 2006_2 CPD for bookkeepers
Safe Harbours ATO PS LA 2006/2

CPD for Bookkeepers and Tax Law

When I explored this practice statement I realised that it was outdated. The ATO Practice Statement was outdated because of the outcome of a court/tribunal case (see below).

Safe Harbours ATO PS LA 2012_5 CPD for bookkeepers
ATO PS LA 2012/5

I don’t know about you, but if I have some spare time and I’m in the mood for researching, I find it fascinating to discover how the law works, how and why decisions are made and how it affects people in that industry. CPD for Bookkeepers gives you the benefit of keeping up-to-date with your bookkeeping skills.

If you are enrolled in our MYOB Training Courses you get free membership to the Bookkeeping Academy (CPD for Bookkeepers) where I will introduce you to bookkeeping industry professionals who will help you understand more about the industry, the laws that govern the industry and tools you can use.

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