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Your website is down! How would you know?

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Website is down

WordPress Website is downSometimes we write at this blog about software and internet tools that can help small business manage their affairs better and today I’ve come across a great service that emails you automatically if your website is down. And it’s free, or at least donation based. If you are enrolled into our WordPress Training Course you’ll know what to do with this information.

Who’s responsible when your website is down?

I’ve written before about the occasion when a colleagues WordPress website was hacked and how devastating it was to their business. When this happens the first place most people turn to is their website designer, but designers usually just make sure your website contains all the information to help you sell your services. The next place to turn is your website host, but they just make sure that you have somewhere to put your website. So who’s responsibility is it?

Steps to take when your WordPress website is down

When your website is down it is up to you to know what to do to ensure it is back online and here’s three tips:

  1. Use a service like Solidalert to notify you by email if your website is not live
  2. Ensure you have at least 7 days worth of incremental backup organised with your hosting provider
  3. Ensure that all your WordPress files are backed up to another location (like Dropbox).


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