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Is Xero Training Free?

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Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Yes, it’s true! You can get Xero Certification for FREE directly from Xero. Xero offer two free Certifications:

  1. Xero Certified Advisor, and
  2. Xero Payroll Certification

We had a course inquiry from someone who had already done this certification and they raved about Xero and what it can do and how it works – BUT THEY HAD NEVER USED XERO!

It shows what a fantastic job Xero does on marketing their accounting software!

Is Xero training free - Yes, Xero Payroll Certification and Xero Certified Advisor

This lady I spoke to had seen the Xero advertising for the FIFA Women’s World Cup matches and she went through the Xero Certification training and had been converted to a Xero Fan Girl.

Don’t get me wrong, I like using Xero and think they do a great job and smart marketing but when people “who are Certified” go walking around raving about a software program they have NEVER used something is not 100% right.

This lady came to us because she was hungry for more learning and she devoured our free Xero course samples but no one was hiring her for bookkeeping and accounting jobs.

So even though this lady was Xero Certified employers did NOT see her as a real candidate for accounting jobs

Getting Practical Experience using Xero

The lady I spoke with needed to get practical experience actually using the software so I mentioned that she could sign up for a free trial to use the software and she sounded pleased. At least now she wasn’t scared of signing up or thinking that she would have to pay the Xero subscription fees to “have a play” with the Xero software.

Chisholm website in Sept 2023 showing FNS40217 (not current FNS40222)

Even Cert IV in Bookkeeping students come to us to learn Xero because some training providers don’t include Xero training in their courses. The Registered Training Organisation that stands out recently is Chisholm, which has training centre campus’s scattered across Melbourne.

We’ve had a surprising number of inquiries from Chisholm students who enrolled into their Cert IV in Bookkeeping Course and were surprised when the software they used to learn the computerised accounting was MYOB AccountRight version 19!

Do you know how old that software is?

I understand by visiting their website today that they do offer some Xero training and a printed Xero training manual but I haven’t heard anything about the quality of this training material. If you’ve experienced it please let me know.

Creating Practical Tasks is HARD

True confidence comes from using the software to perform the bookkeeping tasks that are performed in an accounts job every day. This is why experienced bookkeepers will ALWAYS get hired before job applicants who have NO experience – unless the employer wants to under pay or get a free Intern to do their bookkeeping.

Creating a video of you navigating around a software program is easy.

These days it is so much easier than when we first started creating them and loads of people are now creating these screen capture videos, throwing them together in an Udemy course or uploading them for free at Youtube and calling it a course – but it’s not really a course.

A real course (I’m sounding like an old man!) has practical tasks which include some tricky (or incorrectly entered) transactions that you need to balance.

A real course (now I’m repeating myself!) contains tasks that you are possibly going to get wrong and need some support to understand why and how to fix it.

With a real practical course in Xero you WILL be confident looking for and applying for jobs and you will have the confidence to do the bookkeeping for your own business.

A Real Xero Course Includes Training Workbooks

Xero Accounting Training Course Manual & Workbook - Data Entry, Accounts Receivable & Payable-sml

Xero Complete Course Package (7 x Xero short courses) includes a total of 9 training manuals that are PACKED with practical step-by-step tasks which you need to perform using the FREE Trial version of the software.

I love it when we get feedback from students at the end of a course and they say things like:

“the training manuals contained surprisingly detailed instructions and were the best part of the course”

Amelia from Melbourne

This is the real “pat on the back” for me and our team who work hard to create these case studies, update them when the software changes and support students going through the courses.

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