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Is Microsoft using Antitrust Techniques to Beat Google using AI

How is Microsoft and Bing Competing against Google using AI - Online Business Training Courses

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

I’m a Google fan, from the simplicity of using most of their software programs to their low cost services I’ve always loved how they compare to Microsoft who charge a licence fee for their software.

But once upon a time I was a Microsoft fan because of the low cost model they had compared to Apple.

I’m watching this Artificial Intelligence race with interest (everyone on Linkedin is commenting about it) but I noticed something recently that shocked me.

I was using Google Chrome and I was at the Google search page doing some competitive analysis about our Microsoft Office courses when a big pop up appeared on the right side of the screen – it was blatant Microsoft and their search engine Bing advertising.

It was an Ad!

There’s no other way of putting it. I am so used to seeing popups everywhere and system messages encouraging me to go ahead and try this new feature or use some software better but this was a blatant ad to get Google users to move over to Microsoft and Bing!

Microsoft has made AI central to most of the publicity I’ve seen lately and in a search about it I realised that from a Microsoft Office perspective they are focusing on how it can do all the writing for you using Microsoft Word.

Microsoft is pushing Copilot for Microsoft Word

Microsoft has succeeded in a lot of challenges from competitors and the stand outs are Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. They had to win the Office Productivity battle against WordPerfect and Lotus 123 many years ago but they did it. Now they are promoting the benefits of AI aggressively to win in this new frontier.

As a blog writer I understand the challenge of how to create new content and Microsoft Copilot seems to be the AI tool to help in this regard.

The Microsoft Copilot website explains how Copilot will help businesses with Customer Service as well as:

  • Being more productive
  • Getting summaries of large documents
  • Think faster
  • Get more clients

It seems like AI will do it all for you, but you still have to learn how to use it and that is the real challenge facing users. HOW DO YOU USE AI?

Are you using Microsoft Copilot? Are you using AI in Microsoft Office? If you are, I’d love to hear from you and learn about how you use these new tools. If you get this blog post via email just send a reply email to reach me.

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