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How to earn $50 per hour

Learn bookkeeping with MYOB and Xero courses to earn money as a virtual assistant and remote tutor with EzyLearn

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Are you earning $50 per hour at the moment? If you aren’t it can seem almost impossible to believe that you could, particularly when you look at your boss and imagine yourself asking them for a pay rise.

I searched online to see who earns $50 per hour and most of the search results in Seek and Indeed showed up saying you have to be a doctor, pharmacist or HR Manager but bookkeepers earning this much regularly.

This is the typical scenario that most employees are in:

You work in a job where lots of other people probably have similar skills. You’re in the job market and that means you compete with other employees for your job. If you don’t like anything about the job your boss thinks they can simply post a job ad and find someone else willing to do the work required.

Sometimes it is harder to get a job and then get a raise than it is to simply start a new job with a high hourly rate.

The other thing to consider is that you could earn more money working less hours and for several other clients as opposed to full time for a lower rate.

MYOB and Xero Courses & Bookkeeping Academy Membership

Bookkeeping Academy to find accounting jobs. Learn how to use MYOB and Xero with online training courses - Employer Recognised and Industry Accredited.

The best way to start earning more money is to make yourself more valuable than other job seekers. If you can increase your knowledge and skills to a level that employers want and then get discovered for this type of work online you’ll have a winning formula for success.

Becoming an EzyLearn tutor will give you exposure online to get discovered for work as well as the training and support to confidently use the software and perform the tasks that employers want.

EzyLearn Online Accounting, Office Admin & Digital Marketing Tutor

Becoming an EzyLearn tutor includes training in how to promote your own services and what to say to prospective clients when they make contact with you. MYOB & Xero course tutors also earn an affiliate commission when they refer their clients to our courses.

Tutors and trainers earn more money because the training is usually on a short terms basis. This training and tutoring can lead to employment opportunities and puts you above many other job applicants because you are seen as an industry expert.

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