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How can anyone trust you to work online for them!?

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Do you want to work from home? Why?

Some reasons to work from home include

  • saving travel time,
  • saving money by using less petrol,
  • less driving and risk on the road, and
  • no need to find a park
  • not having to dress up nicely every day to see your work colleagues

It’s easy to see the benefits for you, but what about your boss? What do they want? If you’re going to work from home you need to start thinking and acting like a boss.

What does your boss have?

The biggest difference between a boss and an employee is that your boss HAS TO BE MOTIVATED and EFFICIENT. They need to do things even when they don’t want to do them and they have to make sure that everything is being done on time and to a high standard.

Self Discipline is what that is.

Skills like these are very important:

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  • goal setting
  • time management
  • communication
  • organising teams
  • supporting staff

What does your office have?

Your office is equipped with everything you need, including.

  • high speed internet,
  • new and fast computers
  • workspaces and desks
  • meeting rooms
  • other staff members you can interact with quickly

These things cost money and take up space and not everyone has a dedicated workspace like this at home, do you?

What do you have?

If you are going to successful finding work from home you need to have VERY GOOD online software skills. Office 365 courses in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are essentially and if you want to do bookkeeping work you’ll need MYOB and Xero courses.


Most importantly however you’ll need to be a good communicator and be able to engage in conversations about the businesses products and services and how they relate to customers.

This is the life blood of every business and it’s not hard to do but it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Some people call it good customer service!

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