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Is Xero Getting TOO Aggressive?

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Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

The constant need for some companies to continue to grow revenue or subscriber numbers can make the employees do things too aggressively.

Xero has always done a great marketing job against MYOB because it was easy – all they had to do was have good software that was easier to use and in the cloud – now they’re ALL in the Cloud!

Xero focused on a cloud only model and the integrations between it and other online software programs. This was a marketing strategy that may have stretched the truth a little!

Xero boasted about how good their software is for Real Estate Agents but it was one of their ReLeased integration that users loved.

Why Xero is better than MYOB now?

MYOB’s problem was that is WAS a Windows based software program. This made using the software harder because you had the constraints of running only on a Windows computer and had to upgrade that software regularly. It also caused issues with their Mac version and they ended up having to discontinue that software and push their Mac users straight to their Cloud version, MYOB Essentials.


Over the last 5 years or so MYOB have made MASSIVE upgrades to their MYOB Essentials “online accounting software” to the point where it is arguably very similar to Xero (except maybe with the number of Integrations which connect to it).

They also changed the name of it to MYOB Business (Lite and Pro).

This MYOB training course Combination includes training on both versions: MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Business PRO.

Xero vs MYOB Google Ads Campaign

Despite MYOB being a much closer competitor than in the past, Xero’s most recent advertising blitz was smashing MYOB about their old legacy failures.

They even made a claim that switching from MYOB to Xero was easy and FREE! Really, FREE.

I’d love to speak to some established businesses with lots of transactions to see if the change was really FREE. There is always a cost and the cost is measured in more than just money.

One of the things that MYOB started doing well was improving the customer service to anyone who trialed their software for free. I attended a software education and presentation event in Sydney for Twilio where they highlighted how their client, MYOB used Twilio telephony and customer service solutions to massively improve their sales.

Has it come down to Customer Service?

With Xero’s desperate need to grow subscribers are they leaning too heavily on the main reasons they did so well in the beginning?

I was even blown away by Xero’s claim of providing great support!


Is support all about reading articles about their software? That must make this blog the best MYOB and Xero support tool in Australia! lol.

While we’re on the topic of customer service, our Digital Marketing and Sales Training Course is designed to teach you how to advertise to promote yourself and provide great customer service and sales skills to attract new clients and get them to start using your services.

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