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Business Office Administration Training to find Remote Work

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I recently wrote about the Internship opportunities for selected business and office administration training courses – this work can all be done online, remotely working from home.

One of the best things about running an online training business is that we can deliver our courses to the thousands of students who live in remote parts of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and the rest of Australia!

Read on to discover how you can up-skill and learn how to become a remote working virtual assistant performing business and office administration work from your own home

Xero & MYOB Essentials Training

Our Xero courses have enabled students to find remote work and MYOB Essentials (which is now called MYOB Accounting Pro) is chasing quickly on it’s heals as MYOB’s popular online accounting version.


Both of these online accounting programs are available in the MYOB and Xero Cloud DUO training course and certification package.

We recently completed some research into the number of online jobs available at Seek and were surprised at the range of job types. From customer service to sales and bookkeeping, all these jobs can now be performed online and companies are looking for remote workers.

Office Administration using Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Office has always been popular as a packaged software suit which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and they are now all accessible as online software programs in Microsoft Office 365.

Over the years a whole industry has emerged for what is called Virtual Assistants – people who work remotely performing office administration tasks using these software programs.

Virtual Assistants are usually hired when the business is small and doesn’t need a full time staff member

Online Sales Training Course & Customer Service

Customer service and sales are tasks that can EASILY be performed online. How do I know? We do it!

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You’re probably very family with the chat boxes that pop up when you’re visiting a website. Some people find them annoying but others love the fact that they can reach out and communicate with someone from that business to get answers quickly and easily – this is where customer service and sales begins!

If you don’t know already then now is a good time to share the fact that also our registered office is in Hornsby NSW we have operated as an online business since 2007!

If you are interested in remote work then you’ll be happy to learn that we’ve created a training course that helps students promote themselves online. The online sales training and customer service course includes all aspects of how to create a special offer, promote it and handle incoming inquiries.

Explore the contents of the Online Customer Service and Sales Training Course

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