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Aldi specials all the way down to the toilet

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

One success story worth watching in Australian grocery retailing is Aldi. With their special buys, weekly catalogue and well known overseas brands (that no one knows here) they have an unbelievable advantage in price and differentiation.

One thing they did that really stood out to me a couple years ago was their $299 toilet offer, including installation. Who else includes installation as part of the sale of something that NEEDS installation!


Harvey Norman do and both operate a certain way to do it.

The tricky parts of this marketing strategy are:

  • Installation quality can vary from site to site
  • Installation issues can vary massively depending on how old the home is
  • Co-ordinating plumbers in every suburb is a huge job
  • Managing the ordering of trades for new purchases is a customer service hot spot

Aldi nailed it all and provided a good quality product and service. How do I know? I tried it out!

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Learn how they created a Joint Venture that enabled them to sell a product that is normally delivered and installed by a trades person.

Not only did they sell a good quality product at a good price but they also helped their Joint Venture partner earn some money too.

One of the biggest risks that trades people have is credit risk, particularly the credit risk of supplying a product AND a service and copping the risk on both items.

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Harvey Norman and Aldi use “perfect scenario installations” to sell their products. Very few installations are perfect so most people will need extra services and that is how both parties benefit from the Joint Venture.

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