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Xero Me – the App That Prepares Xero Users for Planday Acquisition

Xero Me App Screens - Employees can request leave, submit expense claims and view payslips - Best Xero Online Training Courses - EzyLearn

In June 2021 I announced a new Workforce Management Cast Study in development. In their most recent annual report to shareholders Xero announced the acquisition of yet another “integration” that sets it up to become the Sage of Small Business Accounting.

Sage and other ERM’s work on the basis of modules that provide a specific functionality but until now it was only really relevant for the big end of town. Now Xero will capture revenue from several apps rather than charge one price that includes everything. It’s going back to the days of Attache!

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Xero Verify or Google Authenticator?

Xero Verify, Xero Authenticator or Google Authenticator - Online Xero Certificate Training Courses for job seekers, business owners and accountants- EzyLearn

I spend a lot of time around website admin areas and online software so I’ve had to authenticate myself using Multi-Factor Authentication for several different online services and choose Google Authenticator.

Xero has recently announced their own Xero Verify app and although I would never use Xero as my authentication software I wanted to check it out and see how good it is. Turns out it’s not so good.

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Rejected by Afterpay? Xero Marketplace has an alternative

Xero Marketplace for integrated apps - Beginners to Advanced Certificate short online training courses in Xero - EzyLearn

Did you know that Afterpay (and ZipPay) and some other Buy Now Pay Later providers decline sellers? Most Afterpay transactions are centered around the selling of physical products that change ownership from the merchant to the customer. This evidence is enough to bind customers legally, but what happens if you provide professional services like bookkeeping or accounting?

Accountants and Bookkeepers, like many other professional service providers including Lawyers and solicitors charge for their time or defined outcomes (like fixed fees for a certain number of transactions).

Will Afterpay take you on as a client? We’ve heard that many industries are rejected but there are alternatives and Xero’s App Store can help.

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Is Xero the software of choice for real estate property managers

Re-leased-property management software integration image at Xero partner integration website - smart digital marketing

I was reading some recent announcements from Xero as they try to displace Sage as the small business accounting software of choice in the United Kingdom and notice some announcements they have about how Xero is a great tool for property management. 

It was an eye opener because it shows how aggressive they are against MYOB by quoting a client publicly who converted from MYOB to Xero. They didn’t mention that Re-Leased software also has an integration with QuickBooks Online – but why would they? Here’s what they wrote..

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Creating the Xero & MYOB Course Training Workbooks

EzyLearn Online Course Training Manuals and Workbooks for MYOB, Xero, Excel, Office, Word, QuickBooks Online

OUR HARDCOPY COURSE workbooks are the written foundation of all our online training courses. Sometimes these workbooks start as little more than a list of transactions. We then create the training course outline and film the breakdown of this in a series of brief, easy to absorb videos.

The Xero Advanced Certificate Training course workbook includes exercises and screenshots based on 6 months worth of financials for a business startup and you can refer to the workbook as an aid while you’re viewing the videos.

They’re also great to read over as an after-course resource or wherever you’re not using the internet. But, how do we create them?

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