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The Career Academy Addons – Course Refresher for $49pa

Bella speaking about the Career Academy Course Refresher access for Xero Bookkeeping Course students - EzyLearn

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In the United States most colleges have a Career Academy attached to their education services with the goal to provide extra services that help their students.

The Career Academy Addons that are available after completing an Office Admin or Bookkeeping Course with EzyLearn can be viewed here and the most popular option is to extend course access and support.

The Career Academy Course Refresher

Course Refresher membership is a way of extending access to your course and includes updated training materials and ongoing support. Some students remain members while they are working because they can use all course resources for when they need to learning something new in their work.

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EzyLearn Online Courses Refresher and Repeats for MYOB & Xero, Microsoft Office and Excel - The Career Academy for EzyLearn members

Example: The Career Academy Course Refresher is ideal for Bookkeeping Beginners. You can learn as much as possible in a training course package like the Xero Complete Training Course and then apply for junior bookkeeping jobs. These junior bookkeeping jobs usually focus on daily transactions tasks like data entry, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

By maintaining your Course Refresher membership you’ll continue to have access to the more Advanced Xero course topics like financial reporting, payroll, BAS and GST courses so you can revisit them if you change jobs or progress in your career.

Membership is Grandfathered

I’ve loved that saying from the moment I first heard it – grandfathered! What does it mean? It means that if you join now, at todays membership rate, you get to stay on that rate forever. So even if the price increases for course refreshers you don’t pay the new price – you stay on the membership fee you joined at.

Watch Bella explain the benefits of joining EzyLearn’s Career Academy Course Refresher program.

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