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QuickBooks, MYOB AND Xero Certificate in Bookkeeping Basics Course *NOW DISCOUNTED*


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Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Are you transitioning to a career in accounting and bookkeeping or need to get your head around what bookkeeping work involves? This bookkeeping course is designed for you.

MYOB was once the market leader in Australia but that changed since Xero launched and focused 100% on becoming an online accounting program.

In the background Intuit took over the distribution of their QuickBooks software in Australia (away from Reckon, who now have their own accounting software) and offered QuickBooks Online directly – they also recently purchased Mailchimp!

All of these brands offer online accounting software and you can now learn how to perform the common bookkeeping tasks using all the leading brands.

We often get asked which accounting program is the best and that’s impossible to say because everyone has a different preference.

I have always like the powerful features which come standard with QuickBooks Online but think they could have done a better job marketing themselves in Australia. Xero always promoted themselves as the most beautiful accounting program but relied on the fact that they integrate with lots of other online services. They’ve even bought the popular ones like Hubdoc, Workflow Max and more.

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Intuit QuickBooks is the market leader in the US and are a massive company but Xero nailed their marketing message in Australia from the get go and LOTS of businesses migrated away from MYOB to Xero.

Xero even made it look like they were doing their users a favour when they announced an increase in their monthly subscription costs!

MYOB Accountright & MYOB Essentials online training course video library logo 2

MYOB’s biggest problem was their messy transition from their MYOB AccountRight (Windows based software) to their MYOB Business Lite and Pro (online) software. Many people still think that MYOB is old and remember the brand for their old Windows software – not realising that they also have a powerful online accounting service too.

MYOB also made abrupt changes to their software without giving their users enough notice.

MYOB AccountEdge is currently unavailable - Apple Catalina made MYOB promote MYOB Essentials Online training courses

An example of this is when they discontinued their Apple Mac version abruptly when Apple upgraded the operating system of their devices to a 64bit system.

Another example is when they added a huge amount of features to their online version which was called MYOB Essentials. they made so many changes so quickly that we HAD to update all of our MYOB Essentials training materials several times and apologise to our students.

What’s the result of all this competition?

The result is that most job seekers looking for accounting work need to learn more than one software program. Don’t ask me which one because that varies from suburb to suburb and depends on job ads.

Bookkeeping Career Academy short courses in MYO, Xero and QuickBooks Online - get certified

The best way to see which accounting program you should learn is to search for job vacancies at Seek or Indeed and see which software programs most businesses are using.

If you’re stuck with having to learn MYOB and Xero or even QuickBooks Online too, then explore our Bookkeeping Academy course packages.

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