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Are you talking to the right people?

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I’ve always been fascinated at the difference between sales people and accounts people. I consider myself a sales person first because I love meeting people and finding out what they need, then helping to find them a solution.

Although it just seems like sales people are just talking it is important to be aware of what you say and why and one of the most important tasks for a sales person is to quickly identify if someone is an ideal client.

If you can’t help someone or a new lead is not ideal it is best to spend less time talking to that person as possible without being rude or impolite, OR change your ad because it might be reaching the wrong people!

Scared of selling?

The problem with sales for some people is they think they have to sell whatever the product or service is that they are selling. They are told that the customer is always right and that they need to sell their wares.

I trained a Melbourne bookkeeper how to sell and was amazed at how she initially spoke to prospects. She was abrupt and pushy because she thought that she had to be pushing her product “down a customers throat” to make sales!

In reality the first step in the sales process is called Qualifying and this stage is designed to see if the customer is a good fit for you or the business you’re working for.

If you get the Qualifying part of the process worked out you’ll find the rest goes much better.

Who is your ideal client?

For a home builder an ideal client is someone who wants to build a new home, right? In reality most people want to build a new home and have all the latest designs and features but a home builder could be getting hundreds of enquiries (leads) each week and many of them are not ideal.

It’s well known that only about 3% of the prospects you speak to are ready to get serious about buying. This means they:

  • have a definite need or desire,
  • probably already done their research into the available options and prices, and
  • have the money or loan to pay for it.

That is one way of describing the ideal client but it doesn’t take into consideration the niche or speciality of the home builder. There are dozens of home builders and some focus on building the cheapest “investor grade” homes on small flat blocks while others will sell homes based on amazing designs and top quality inclusions.

The difference in price between these home build niches could be hundreds of thousands of dollars so the goal of the sales person for the home builder is to “Qualify” every prospect to understand what they need and can afford.

The ideal bookkeeping client

Amanda did an MYOB & Xero training course and is a bookkeeper in Sydney's northern beaches

To Amanda Katz the ideal bookkeeping client is someone who has enough work to fill between 1-2 days a week. She completed our Xero Training Course (Complete) and with the ideal client in mind she set out to find bookkeeping work.

The result for Amanda is that she

  1. works between three main bookkeeping clients
  2. works with several interesting businesses
  3. has income security because she is in demand
  4. has variety in the type of work she does

When you take the time to understand what you REALLY want to be doing you can design your life and start enjoying your work, knowing that you can always change what you do and who you work for.

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