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Do you stand out when looking for work?

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Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Create Postcards to use with your resume to find a jobIt’s that time of year when people are turning their new years resolutions into action and we’ve noticed a massive increase in students searching for help in writing resumes, as well as resume and business plan templates for those who are looking at starting a business.

I was speaking with Rehab Consultant Ross Miller, who helps people who’ve been injured at work find more sedentary office type jobs, and he mentioned an interesting idea.

[quote]Create a Postcard with your details on it and attach it to every resume you send[/quote]

At first it seemed a little absurd but after we got talking and he revealed more of his idea it made a lot of sense.

When you submit your resume with your job application you end up as a document in a pile and for years people have been looking for ways of standing out from the crowd. With the advent of new printing technologies like in the UK, it is becoming easier to produce and print a professional, full colour, Postcard for not a lot of money.

Social-Media and online MYOB Training coursesRoss’s idea is to create a Postcard with your photo and a brief bio about yourself on one side, plus an image that reflects the industry you want to work in (picture of a retail shop or office etc) and some words to describe it on the other side. What do you think of that idea?

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