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Lodge your tax return early and you're bound to get a quick refund.
Lodge your tax return early and you’re bound to get a quick refund.

We’re always updating our course content to ensure our MYOB course reflect the market demands of bookkeepers in an ever-changing industry, and if you’re one of our MYOB lifetime students you have access to this content any time, every time. And we use this blog to keep you up-to-date with industry news — like this news just in from the ATO:

A total of 1.7 million returns were received by the ATO between 1 July and 23 July 2013, and already refunds have been issued for some 40 percent of those returns—a whopping $1.68 billion refunded in less than 30 days.

These figures clearly demonstrate the benefits of getting your tax returns lodged early. Being organised in the lead-up to 30 June is the key to getting those returns in early, which is why we’re committed to bringing you the latest information you need to make your job easier.

EzyLearn: We’ll Keep You Informed 

In the lead-up to 30 June, we published a number of posts to help you get organised for the busiest time of a bookkeeper’s year: a list of the things you should do in preparation for 30 June, and an EOFY payroll checklist, which included all the things you needed to complete so that you could issue the PAYG summaries by 14 July.

Way back in 2012 we also wrote about how the ATO had changed the threshold for capital purchases to $6,500 for any business with less than $2 million in turnover, which we followed up this year with another post going into further detail about the sorts of assets you can write off under that $6,500 [link to post #59].

If you’re thinking about enrolling in our MYOB course and starting your own bookkeeping business, we’re committed to helping you get there. So join us, and start you own bookkeeping business today!

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