‘What’s Your Learning Style?’ Continued: Visual Learning

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Visual learning is one of the most common ways people learn.
Visual learning is one of the most common ways people learn.

In our post called “What’s Your Learning Style?” we looked at the ways our students typically prefer to learn, and in our last post, we discussed the characteristics of the kinaesthetic learning style. In this post (are you following? You should be able to if you possess the learning traits of our next learning style!) we’re going to discuss visual learners.

The Most Common Way to Learn – Visually

As our most popular online training course, the MYOB training course, is a software-based course, we have a great deal of visual learners among our students.

Visual learners are those who learn best by seeing them, and find that confusing information is best explained with the aid of a picture or video tutorial.

Visual learners are likely to:

  • Take detailed notes
  • Need quiet study time
  • Benefit from illustrations, presentations and videos
  • Remember diagrams or pictures

About 65 percent of the population are believed to be visual learners, and even though they’re good with written materials, the online learning delivery method didn’t always meet their needs when it came to visual aids. Now, thanks to the internet, learning providers like EzyLearn are able to provide our content online, accompanied by training videos and presentations, so our visual learners now have the added visual aids to help them learn.

Not a visual learner? See our next post on auditory learners.

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