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Merry Christmas and Thank You for 2022

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

It has been an interesting year here at EzyLearn for many reason and the reason which stands out the most to me is the Worklife Interview series we had with EzyLearn graduates. If you are reading this you are either someone who is

  • interested in enrolling into one of our courses,
  • are currently working your way through a course, or
  • have completed a course

You are important to me and EzyLearn because I understand the importance of learning these skills for your career and the fact that you have chosen us or exploring us as a training choice – it is an honour to be in this position.

Here’s a quick summary of our key projects in 2022.

Worklife Interviews

These graduates completed Microsoft Office and MYOB & Xero Courses primarily and these interviews gave us a great insight into their work lives, why they enrolled into a course and how they are going in their working life.

Watch the Worklife Interviews

New Projects and Team Members

We had some new team members join us for this and other exciting projects and I’d like to thank them for doing a great, professional job.

When I look at these projects I realise that they helped us go deeper in our relationship with our graduates as well as the topics we include in our courses. From a training course content perspective we spent quite some time exploring the different MYOB & Xero integrations that add features and functionality to these accounting programs.

Training Course Combinations and Offers

Finally, we created and modified our training course packages to suit the requirements in the workforce and we did that through our training academies (Bookkeeping Academy, Office Academy and Career Academy).

Our Career Academy services have gone through a big change and are a special focus for me because they help students after they’ve completed their “how to” courses in office admin and accounting software.

More students now want to learn both MYOB & Xero and other combinations of courses that include tasks that are performed as part of their job description.

Festive Season Opening Hours

We are open all normal working days between Christmas and in the New Year, so if you need something be sure to reach out and make contact if you want information before enrolling or need support for your course.

Merry Christmas 2022!

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