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Learn Xero AND the Integrations that make it a platform for work.

Xero Subscriber Growth - Learn Xero in our online training course and get an Internationally recogised Bookkeeping Certificate - EzyLearn

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Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Xero have just announced their financial and performance results and the headline figures show strong subscriber growth all over the world, including UK and US where they are trying very hard to get market share like they have in Australia.

It’s now more evident than ever that if you get certified in Xero that you could work for a business in most modern countries around the world. Is that what they called Internationally Accredited?

Xero wants to become a Platform

If you don’t like reading financial reports you should probably Xero’s Investor Presentation because they make it beautiful!

2022 Xero Investor Presentation

There are so many images, charts and graphs that explain the important performance metrics for their online business. One of the images Xero uses shows an example of how a US Micro brewery and UK Adventure company would use Xero as their core accounting software and then use several different integrations to provide specialised functionality.

Xero COMPLETE Training Courses Online Suite - EzyLearn

If you want to enrol into one of the best value and practical Xero Training Courses then choose Xero COMPLETE because it includes our Xero Integrations Course.

Learning about Xero integrations will help you understand just how connected our online accounting apps (including QuickBooks and MYOB Business Essentials) are becoming.

Xero App Store

Churn is an important metric for every subscription business and we are aware of that in the Career Academy support services that we provide. Software subscription companies like Xero want their software to become the platform because it then makes it a LOT harder for a business to change to QuickBooks or MYOB.

Learn Xero to find work & jobs in Australia - Best Xero Training Course including Integrations training - EzyLearn

But remember that Intuit (QuickBooks) and MYOB also both have their own app store and integration partners. If you want the best chance of getting an accounts job or starting your own bookkeeping business you are best off learning all the major accounting programs.

The Bookkeeping Academy Complete Combo includes training on QuickBooks Online, MYOB and Xero and if you enrol into this Bookkeeping Certificate Package we’ll also put you into our jobseekers talent pool to help you get discovered for accounts jobs.

Sales and Marketing costs are over 36% of Xero Revenue

I’ve include this great chart because it shows just how much money Xero continue to spend on their marketing and sales. We’re in a period where lots of new articles point to a reduction in advertising spend on Google, Facebook and lately Twitter but this reinforced to me how important it is to continue to spend money on advertising.

Digital Marketing Courses Google Adwords Training Course & Certificate

The rout in advertising spend is causing Google, Meta and Twitter’s share price to decrease massively (OK, Twitter is now privately owned by Elon Musk).

Many small business use an agency to help them with their advertising because it can be very confusing to first time users but they can save thousands of dollars by doing their own Google Ads Campaigns.

If you are considering learning how to run your own Google Ads campaigns you’ll be happy to hear that EzyLearn is finalising the production of our own Google Ads (Level 2) Course.

One of the Case Studies in the Google Ads Course is how a Melbourne Bookkeeper uses Google Ads to get more leads for his bookkeeping business. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

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