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Advanced skills in MS Word are virtually mandatory if you're providing detailed proposals or complex documents

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6 Weeks from Zero to Hero in Google Organic Search

Keyword analytics for derek farmer real estate agent in CammerayI HAD A GOOD, LONG THINK before writing this blog post and decided it was OK to write — because it’s about helping real estate agents and other business people reach page one in Google’s organic search results (the free ones)!

If you could see the number of emails I get each week from overseas companies in Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and even the US and UK telling me how they will get my company onto Page 1 in Google, you would either say, “Yeah, so what? I already know how to do that”, or you’d want to see the list. Either way, there are lots of these self-professed experts around — and I’m probably no exception!

SEO Aspects

I last wrote about Derek before Christmas when we had already created Derek’s new website to help property owners find him when they’re ready to explore selling their property. We’d already begun the process of creating relevant content but ramped it up in the last 6 weeks and the results were amazing as you can see from the chart!

The work we did to help Derek get onto page 1 involved all the tools we use at EzyLearn just to run our business (that’s the beauty of running an online business – you get good at all the technical and content stuff – particularly when you have to compete with the marketing muscle of billion dollar organisations like MYOB and Sydney University!)

But rather than continue to blow our own trumpets the biggest realisation I had was that our work was made easier by the fact that Derek is an incredibly hardworking real estate agent, with an existing great reputation and over 170 property sales under his belt in Sydney’s Lower North Shore!

Real estate agents need to give something away

Derek Farmer real estate agent smiling portrait in selling your property educational training videoThe other aspect that I need to add is that Derek has spent a lot of time and money (and brainpower) creating an educational series of videos to help his vendors (people selling their homes) understand various stages of the sales process.

My thinking is that he probably created those videos because it saves him saying the same thing over and over dozens of times a week, but still he went to the trouble of generating great quality content that he know property sellers will find valuable and that’s just something most people need to do in the “Google information era” we all now live in.

See what Derek has done and learn about Automated Response Marketing

virion is a brand I am proud to work with

This is probably a good time for me to confess that I am heavily involved in the organisation that helps Derek achieve such tremendous online success and we have a blog over there that I’d love you to subscribe to and hear about our real world successes with content marketing for real estate agents.

Check out the Blog and Subscribe

Whereas the EzyLearn blog is chiefly about what we teach, the virion blog will be about what we do. I’d love to share the work we do with you. Who knows if you see something you like you can even join us and get involved!

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