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Microsoft Excel Quick Command to show the Formulas in a spreadsheet

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Excel Q&A: Show formulas in a spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel online training course keyboard shortcutsA student took a look at our newly created Staff Payment, PAYG, Super spreadsheet file and they wanted to know which formulas are used in the spreadsheet. This is a great question because there are many ways that a spreadsheet like this can be created and we’ll explore these methods in the forthcoming month.

The secret to reveal formulas is the Tilde key at the top left of your keyboard. Simply press Ctrl + ` and all the formulas in the spreadsheet will be revealed. You can then work intelligently on your spreadsheet and make changes fully aware of where numbers are simply entered or where complicated formulas exist.

Note: Our Excel Q&A service (just like our MYOB Q&A support) is designed to provide extra training content over and above the examples that are in our online Microsoft Excel Training Course.

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