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With EzyLearn, in addition to the videos, you get over 200 pages of training information in our workbook.
With EzyLearn, in addition to the videos, you get over 200 pages of training information in our workbook.

When you’re selecting a training course provider, it’s important to consider the training material and resources you will need in order to complete the course. There are many online institutions that don’t provide any training material beyond the information available in their training videos or learning management system.

But EzyLearn is Different.

Because our MYOB training courses are like an induction to the role of a bookkeeper, we provide our students with workbooks and training resources to compliment the content in our training videos and online learning tools.

When you enrol in our MYOB training courses, you’re able to access 10 training workbooks, which include over 219 pages of training material and exercises that you can refer to while completing our online training courses.

Because our training workbooks are delivered in a downloadable format that you can print, you have access to our training material all the time, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Our former MYOB students have found the training workbooks an invaluable training resource, particularly after they’ve completed their courses and they need a refresher on some of the more complicated aspects of the MYOB software.

In fact, many of our students continue to use our training workbooks to help them transition from student to MYOB bookkeeper even after they’ve graduated from our courses.

What’s In Our Workbooks

Our workbooks cover the following content:

  • Purchases
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Cards
  • Banking

There’s no better companion to the MYOB software than our training workbooks, so if you’re thinking of becoming an MYOB bookkeeper or just need help using the software for you business, enrol in our MYOB training courses today.

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Steve Slisar

Steve Slisar has been training people how to use computers since 1994, opened a training centre in 1999 in Dee Why and by 2005 had 3 training centres and created over 35 individual courses that include Screen videos with audio commentary, training workbooks for those who prefer to read to learn, and exercise files that are used with the tasks in the workbooks so you get practical experience in the software you are trying to learn. Now the creator of 5 of the most popular online MYOB training courses in Australia.

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