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Expression of Interest: Earn Money as an Accounting Course Tutor

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CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT IS fundamental to our online training courses. Part of this is the way we systemise our course support so we can be super-responsive and detailed.

We’ve learned where the headaches tend to occur and where students encounter the most problems. We generally have an answer to every question. However some students would still like the option to speak directly to someone currently working in their industry of study and that’s where this program comes in.

Online course accounting tutors for info about the real world

Students want a course tutor — not only to learn the technical stuff and nut out problems, but to:

  • understand what accounting work is like, and where the best places to work are
  • be aware of things they should do to prepare for job applications and interviews
  • just have someone to talk to; to alleviate fears and increase their overall confidence.

As such, we’re calling out to ALL EzyLearn students — past and present — who are interested in earning some extra money on the side, to be available for new students.

Helping students can be really rewarding

One of the reasons I started EzyLearn is because I love technology. This said, I was amazed that people would actually pay to learn more about it.

Because I was using technology all the time and kept exploring and learning, I could share a lot of information and answer a lot of questions. The point is, it almost never seemed like work to me — because I LOVED IT!

If you are looking for a refreshing change, or you’re passionate and enthusiastic about teaching and sharing knowledge, or you have some experience in the industry — and you have completed a course with EzyLearn, then I invite you to Register Your Interest in this program. It’s free of charge.

You can work from home and use technology

Another big plus associated with being a tutor for our online accounting course students is that you can do it from home!

Technology has come such a long way since I first started teaching people how to use their computers, and so too have students’ skills.

When I operated our first Sydney training centre, we taught people how to use a mouse, launch a program, transfer files, visit websites and send emails — (drumroll): with attachments!

These days, millions of Australians, and indeed most of our students can perform these basic tasks quite confidently. What this means is that they can also use the latest communications tools to get help — and they are very receptive to it.

Online or telephone tutoring support certainly reduces the cost to the student and means they can find the best tutor to work with, from anywhere in Australia. Of course, as mentioned, it also means you, as a tutor, can work from home!

LEARN MORE about becoming an Accounting Course Tutor.


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