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EzyLearn students can upgrade to ongoing or LIFETIME course access

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

I had a fantastic conversation with an EzyLearn student during the week. She enrolled into our Xero COMPLETE Training Course Package and love it so much she enrolled into MYOB, QuickBooks, Excel and more. 

The course increased her confidence to apply for and get work after years of being out of the workforce and as a bookkeeper she now uses the courses as a resource for aspects of the software she needs to upskill on. The EzyLearn Affiliate Membership is designed for students like her.

LIFETIME and LIFELONG training course access

LIFETIME course access to Xero Training, MYOB Training, Microsoft Office and Digital Marketing using WordPress, Google and Facebook are now available ongoing for as long as you need it.

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Extend your Training Course longer than 12 months

Most of our short training courses take 3-4 weeks to complete but students circumstances change and diaries fill up so it can take  3 months before they can really start something. We offer 12 months course access because we can do so without incurring extra costs for managing LMS’s and other support systems, plus students like to have the time. 

The lady I mentioned before was enrolled in over 5 courses and the cost to upgrade to lifetime course access would be over $1,000, whereas the EzyLearn Affiliate Membership is one annual fee.

EzyLearn Affiliate Membership gives her an extra 12 months to access the Xero course but also 12 months to access every other course she’s ever enrolled into!

If you have enrolled into a course and that course is still available you can have access to it and every other EzyLearn course you’ve enrolled into since 2013 for a low annual membership fee. 

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Side hustle working from home

The nature of the word affiliate means that you can also participate in our revenue sharing model where you can earn a commission on enrolments that result from your own social media marketing online. We’ll show you how to do it too. 

So, whether you’d like to earn money recommending us to people you know or just want to regain access to every course you’ve enrolled into then you need to look at this membership option


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