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This is Why Businesses Love Cloud Accounting and not MYOB AccountRight so much

Network setup for multiple users on your network using MYOB AccountRight Multi-user - MasterClass in MYOB AccountRightand MYOB Essentials - EzyLearn

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

If you have worked in an office you know how frustrating IT issues are. If you are now working from home you know how frustrating IT support issues are. If you have ever experienced an IT support issue installing software (like MYOB AccountRight) you know how frustrating IT issues are.

We stumbled upon the technical support help page for MYOB AccountRight and all remembered why we LOVE online accounting programs like Xero, QuickBooks Online and MYOB Essentials!

Attn: We’ve just BUNDLED all the MYOB AccountRight BEGINNERS Certificate Courses together for those students looking for junior accounts and general office support and admin jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, MYOB AccountRight is a powerful accounting program that is used by lots of small to medium businesses so it is an important skill to have when applying for accounting jobs.

If you’re a little older than the current generation that grew up with mobile phones and tablets this MYOB webpage will help you recall the issues that occurred very often in most workplaces.

It wasn’t just networked software that enabled more than one person to use the software at a time but anything networked, including shared drives and printers that caused endless headaches, issues and the need for an IT Support person.

Remember when you had a CHOICE about whether to Upgrade your Software?

Which version of MYOB do you use? This question is still relevant with MYOB AccountRight but not so much with MYOB Essentials and Xero. MYOB Essentials has once again gone through a MASSIVE update that has thrown students and made some users very angry, partly because they have no choice in the matter.

When software came on CD’s or even when it was downloaded and installed on your computer you usually had a choice of whether you wanted to upgrade.

Online services however are updated regularly and you need to make sure you are on top of the changes and how to navigate the software to do your work.

Most people are not too concerned with the regular updates for their phone apps, Internet banking etc because they use them regularly and the changes are incremental and small.

MYOB doesn’t seem to follow those rules when it comes to updates to their MYOB Essentials software. If you read Trevor Townsends posts at their website you’ll see why.

NEW BUNDLE: Bookkeeping Beginners Certificate Courses in MYOB AccountRight

Beginner level skills including regular transactions like

  • creating quotes,
  • invoices,
  • purchases,
  • payments,
  • receipts,
  • accounts receivable and
  • accounts payable.

Beginners Certificate Skills also include tasks that occur at the end of the month or when you reconcile your bank accounts, including:

  • Journal Entries
  • Transaction Coding
  • Matching transactions
  • Reconciling bank and credit card accounts

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