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8 People Can Learn Xero COMPLETE For $88 ea

Corporate training and group discounts for Microsoft Office Excel and MYOB and Xero Training Courses

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You read correctly! This is part of our Corporate Training pricing for Bookkeeping Certificate courses in MYOB and Xero. The price is low because it based on volume pricing. The same is true for Group Training prices for Microsoft Office Excel and Word.

You can get a further discount off the Corporate Training prices if you don’t need a Certificate at the end of your training. This option is great for business owners or small businesses who just want to get their team trained up but don’t need the evidence of a Certificate of Completion.

Wholesale Xero & Microsoft Office Course Prices

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EzyLearn works with a number of different resellers and partners and volume discount pricing is available for a variety of different circumstances.

We’ve delivered thousands of enrolment vouchers per year to an International college for accounting graduates who needed to “Australianise” their knowledge about bookkeeping using MYOB software and have the capability to help large groups upskill quickly.

See what is included in our Bookkeeping Courses:

In another Corporate Training scenario we provided a training organisation with MYOB & Excel training course vouchers to supplement a training course in office and accounts admin training. The training organisation was able to include the training as part of a marketing promotion and compete better with other training companies in their industry.

Schools and Community Groups

Schools and Community Groups have taken advantage of our corporate training volume discounts for Microsoft Office and one of those is Tasmania Fire and Rescue, who enrolled 25 staff members.

A great aspect about EzyLearn Corporate Training licences is that you can purchase a 25 user licence and activate each licence when you are ready.

For example in the above scenario you can activate 20 staff immediately and then use the last 5 training licences when you are ready anytime within the next 3 months.

Every student gets 12 months course access and support from the date they are activated.

All students experience the same, consistent learning experience and cover the same training content and examples. Managers can be certain that all staff can perform advanced Microsoft Office tasks, even if it may take some students longer than others.

No Needs Analysis Needed

One of the most time consuming tasks that line and team managers perform is a needs analysis to determine the current skill level of each staff member. With low cost volume pricing of the EzyLearn corporate training licence you can give your team members the full suite of training (with a Complete Training Course) and they can start at their own level rather than at the absolute beginning if they don’t need to.

Our low Corporate Training discounts on Microsoft Office includes

  • video tutorial,
  • training workbooks, and
  • exercise files for students to practice with.

See all the training course resources included

Corporate Training Prices for Three Friends

The great news about our wholesale discounts is you can get a good discount even if you find only 2 friends who also want to learn the same course as you. Our Corporate Training in MYOB & Xero enable you to learn with your friends but at your own pace and in your own time.

This is the image that Dall-E (artificial intelligence from OpenAI) gave me when I asked for an image of some Australian students learning how to use MYOB and Xero Bookkeeping software!

You and your friends can progress through the course and then get together to discuss aspects of each micro course or skill topic to reinforce the knowledge.

The best way to retain knowledge is to go over it several times and it’s easier and more fun when you learn with other people. In the world of Artificial Intelligence, reinforced learning is a form of Machine Learning so if it works on machines it will surely work with humans.

Are You a Bookkeeper, Accountant or BAS Agent?

If you work in the bookkeeping industry and have your own bookkeeping business you can use our wholesale pricing to provide your own clients with training or tutoring services.

In my experience it is an honour to be chosen as the person to provide training because it means your clients trust you to teach them and give advice.

If you want training for three or more people in any of the software programs we teach please reach out and let us know by calling (02) 9971 0000 or emailing You’re also welcome to send us a text message to 0488 883 655

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