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Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

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Are you enrolling into an MYOB or Xero Bookkeeping Course or Microsoft Office Course and are currently employed? You’ll get access to some FREE Student Inclusions when you enrol into a Complete Course or Combination.

EzyLearn’s FREE Student Inclusions give students more value in their careers and the work they do and there is a different offer for you depending on your situation.

One of the current standouts for me is the receipt scanning course that is included for free. After all the news, buyouts and new software development regarding receipt scanning by the major accounting firms EVERY business should be using receipt capture in some way.

Save Time, Stress & Money and Be Compliant

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Receipt Scanning and Capture relates to keeping digital copies of all receipts so you have then when you need them most, when you do a bank reconciliation.

Having your receipts could be the difference between thousands of dollars of bookkeeper fees or months of delays and being non-compliant with the ATO with their lodgement deadlines.

Over the years I have spoken to many BAS Agents, Accountants and Bookkeepers and they all complain about the issues relating to small business owners NOT having their receipts. The reason this is frustrating is because the bookkeeper or BAS Agent need to verify the amount of GST and confirm that the expense is a legitimate business expense.

Do you know what happens when the business owner doesn’t have or can’t find a receipt? NOTHING. Radio Silence.

If the business owner has been storing receipts on the dashboard or in a shoe box they’re going to have to go through every single receipt to try and find the one you need. HOW ARE THEY GOING TO DO THAT!?

Our Receipt Scanning Course is included for FREE for Career Builders who enrol into a COMPLETE Course or Combination.

Microsoft Office Files Stored in Dropbox


The other thing that office admin staff need to find are documents, spreadsheets and presentations – all the things you create for your clients, team members or management. Although we’ve all learnt to collaborate a bit more using Microsoft Teams and Zoom during Covid lockdowns and Google, Apple and Microsoft all have cloud storage services, it can still be difficult to find files.

Our team have been using Dropbox for a LONG time and we have it installed on our desktop computers (we’re all working remotely) and mobile phones. We automatically store photographs in dropbox and have lots of folders on our desktop computers that are ALL within the Dropbox folder structure. This means that we can all access the files we need no matter where we are.

I can access a presentation, report, or spreadsheet from my mobile phone if needed and it’s all because it’s in the cloud. This also means that we have a backup of that file and the different versions we have of that file.

Dropbox training is included for Currently Employed Career Builders who enrol into a COMPLETE Course or Combination. Here are some examples:

EzyLearn Online Training Micro Courses and Stackable Credentials - Excel, Xero, MYOB, Office & Digital Marketing

Microsoft Excel Training Course (COMPLETE)

Microsoft Office Academy (Combination)

Xero Training Course (COMPLETE)

MYOB & Xero Training Course (Combination)

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