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Announcement: New! Course Funding for MYOB AccountRight Training Courses

Learn accounting, office administration, payroll and digital marketing for $20 per week

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Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

The dollar is tanking, trade is down, house prices are still going down, consumer spending is the lowest for a decade, wage growth is slow! It sounds pretty bad when you read the news and business articles isn’t it?

One thing I’ve noticed for sure is that course prices are going down and competition is increasing, not just from other physical training centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth but also larger US and overseas companies who will promise anything to make a sale!

We’ve always prided ourselves on offering low course prices direct to students and now we’ve gone a step further.

I’ve always hated credit since my early 20’s when I bought a company car and wanted to pay it off early when I realised I’d still have to pay 2 years worth of interest. I also use a debit card rather than a credit card so I only spend the money I earn from wages but when you need something that can help you earn more money it can be good to buy now and pay it off.

We’re starting a payment plan system for our  training course to see if students are interested and want this payment option. There are no interest charges and only a small setup fee so it’s a good reason to use it if you need it. 

MYOB AccountRight COMPLETE training course for $20 per week

EzyLearn Online Training Courses logo 2 funding less than $25 per week for Xero, MYOB, Excel & moreMYOB AccountRight and AccountRight Plus (which includes Payroll) is a course we’ve been delivering since we operated our Sydney based training centres at Dee Why, Chatswood and Parramatta in the late 1990’s. We had some fantastic trainers back then who were MYOB Certified Consultants and have kept the course up-to-date with the the help of BAS Agents and Degree qualified accounting experts. 

We use the term MYOB AccountRight COMPLETE training course to define the entire set of courses that we have for MYOB AccountRight (which is currently 6).

Learn more about the training options we now have for MYOB.

Most accounting job skills are included

Data entry skills are some of the most basic skills you MUST have if you want a job in the accounts department at your local businesses. It is the foundation skill for credit management (accounts receivable & accounts payable) and is needed to do any journal entries and coding to make your bank reconciliation balance at the end of each month. All these skills are included in MYOB AccountRight COMPLETE Training Course.

As you progress in your career you’ll work with GST, BAS and Reporting and Payroll Administration. These tasks are trickier because you need to understand more about the tax codes for certain products and services and be able to code them correctly when doing bank reconciliations. All these skills are included in the MYOB AccountRight COMPLETE Training Course. 

See the most common accounting jobs, job descriptions and tasks

MYOB AccountRight skills are important for Job Seekers

Xero is MYOB’s biggest competitor and have taken a lot of market share but it’s still relatively new. Many established businesses have built their processes around the use of MYOB AccountRight software and use it to manage the payroll for their employees so it is a very good skill to have. Many of these businesses are bigger too so they rely on the skills and experience of their employees.

Our support team are often asked which is the best software to learn to get a job but the biggest variable here is:

“what jobs are you looking at and applying for and what software program do they ask for?”

Some students find it hard to choose and want to be proficient in both MYOB and Xero software and luckily for them we have our COMPLETE Combo! This training program gives you access to the COMPLETE skills using MYOB AccountRight, MYOB Essentials, Xero and QuickBooks Online. 

Learn more about MYOB, Xero & QuickBooks training courses combined

Coming… EzyLearn Career Academy

I’ve been speaking with educators in Canada and the US where the concept of the Career Academy is very common. In fact most colleges in the US have a separate Career Academy attached to them with a focus on connecting their course graduates with career support and work opportunities to use their new skills in the workforce. 

Our Career Academy program currently consists of study tools to help students plan their time effectively and get the most out of their course as well as the Career Success program that helps them understand the job seeking and application process. We’re working on more ways of helping students get a job so subscribe for future announcements.

Learn about the Career Academy 


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