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NEW: MYOB, Xero & QuickBooks Training Courses for $20 per week!

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The payment plan for the MYOB AccountRight COMPLETE Training Course package for $20 per week has proven to be popular and is still currently available. Better still we’ve just launched a payment plan for the Bookkeeping Academy COMPLETE COMBO – that means you can pay a low weekly fee of $20 and receive training on EVERY major accounting program in Australia, from Beginners’ to Advanced!

A common question we get asked about bookkeeping courses is: WHICH ONE DO EMPLOYER’S WANT? MYOB or Xero? The question is not a simple one or the other because it depends which software the employer is using and, at the moment, it seems like a pretty even mix of both. 

MYOB & Xero for Credit Controllers

I’ve always described our training courses using the names of the software and what the course includes, for example MYOB AccountRight Daily Transactions course. This course includes every transaction that a business enters each day, from quotes to invoices to payments and everything in between.

Some students see this as a beginners course while others see it as an Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable course. There are also aspects of this course that are considered data entry skills.

See the job descriptions for data entry and AR/AP jobs

MYOB & Xero for Bank Recs, GST/BAS and Reporting

These courses each take you through the process of reconciling your bank statements at the end of the month. This includes all those unusual transactions which don’t have the standard 10% GST like insurance payments. It also includes payroll for directors and closely held employees. 

MYOB & Xero for Payroll Administration & Job Tracking/Projects

Payroll and projects are advanced features of accounting software and programs like MYOB Essentials don’t have the feature available. The tasks taught in these courses are considered advanced topics and are generally used by people employed in office admin or payroll administration roles. 

When these tasks are performed by an independent contract bookkeeper that person must either be a BAS agent or work under a BAS agent or Tax agent.

ALL of these topics are included

EzyLearn Online Training Courses logo 2 funding less than $25 per week for Xero, MYOB, Excel & moreEverything I’ve mentioned in this blog post is included in the Bookkeeping Academy COMPLETE Combo and it’s now available as part of our Course Funding program

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