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Master the data entry job skills. Get some free training too

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Looking through Seek for data entry jobs yesterday reminded me of the training courses we offered when we operated our Dee Why training centre. It was the dotcom boom and MYOB Accounts Receivable and Payable courses were our popular weekend courses but most students needed more basic data entry skills.

Data entry skills include typing, editing documents, entering data into spreadsheets, saving files and then opening, editing and saving them again!

More job seekers have data entry skills but there’s so much more to know about basic Word and Excel usage that employers need you to know.

Generating Reports using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is used to create complex documents just like our training manuals and workbooks. Once you master the text editing, formatting and style skills these tasks are relatively simple but many people struggle with Styles because they are actually considered advanced Word skills.

As an employer I’ve had a situation where an employee told me that they were a very confident MS Word user but when I looked at the non-printing characters in their document I could see they used spaces to make the contents of a table line up! This might sound like I’m nit picking because I know what to look for but it’s more about the fact that there is so much more you can do with Microsoft Word when you master these skills. 

Tabs vs tables vs spaces

Data Entry and Microsoft-Word-Training-Course-Workbook-204Microsoft Word has different ways of presenting data in a table form; tabs or tables. You can use either method and both methods have their other benefits (like being able to format the borders and shading for tables) but either of them is far better than trying to make them line up using spaces!

If you are well beyond these base data entry skills please disregard this blog post but if you need to get your head around the basics of data entry and word processing get our FREE data entry & Microsoft Word training course sample.

Many restaurants still use Microsoft Word to create their menu because it enables them to update prices and trading hours when they need to!

Data Entry course using Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel

When you become an EzyLearn student for ANY course you’ll get access to our Data Entry Courses using Microsoft Word and Excel as part of our FREE Student Inclusions!

If you want to enrol into individual MS Word courses you can do so from as little as $29 at our online course catalogue.

Better still you can get all our Microsoft Office Beginners Courses, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint for just $20 per week.


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