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MYOB Training: Exporting MYOB Data for an Excel Mail Merge

MYOB Training Course Exported Accounts list

We recently created 9 new training videos for our online MYOB training course and one of them demonstrated how to export and import data from an MYOB training company datafile. Exporting and importing is used to extract transaction and sales information and also customer or supplier card files from MYOB to use with Microsoft Excel in performing mail merges.

We have included the simple accounts list that we use in our online MYOB bank reconciliation course as a file you can download and open up in Notepad or Microsoft Excel. The image above shows what the file looks like when opened up in Notepad. It’s called a TAB-DELIMITED text file and this example includes a header record that gives you the name of each field (column)


If you want to learn more about TEXT format (including CSV – comma separated values) files and how to manipulate this type of data using Microsoft Excel, take a look at our Microsoft Excel course 307 (visit this link and scroll down until you see the course contents of course 307:

If you need training on Microsoft Excel and data storage types you’ll be thrilled to hear that this course is one of 9 courses that are all included for one low price and LIFETIME student membership at the EzyLearn online Microsoft Excel course. Click here to enrol.

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You should now have your certificate

Iroshini - Online Training CoursesYou may recall that we identified a GAP in our internal resources last week (ie. we needed an extra team member) to help us with the backlog of assessing and issuing of certificates for our online Microsoft Excel and MYOB training courses.

Well, here she is Iroshini has performed small tasks for us over the last month or so, but she’s now on board to ensure that the results of knowledge reviews are assessed quickly so that you can receive your  certificates faster. The result is you should have your certificate now 🙂

Our Online MYOB Training Course has proven to be extremely popular and along with the announcement of Iroshini’s arrival we want you to know that we are currently building our MYOB Payroll course to include more detailed information about the Payroll liability accounts and how to create and setup a new employee, and create the pay slips.

All of this new content will be available for existing students at no extra charge as part of our LIFETIME Membership offer. Stay tuned also for announcements about our new Microsoft Excel Online training materials… We have some new content in our advanced Microsoft Excel courses, some new knowledge reviews and updated training workbooks.


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Advanced Excel: eliminating errors in functions

Microsoft excel online training course

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One of the most efficient features available in Microsoft Excel is the ability to create a formula and then copy it into a large number of subsequent cells. When you perform a dbroad copy and paste like this, Depending on the type of data, you’ll get either a #DIV/0 or a #VALUE error if the source cells don’t contain the correct data. You could scan the spreadsheet manually and modify each cell that contains such an error or use the IFERROR function when creating your original formula.

The IFERROR function is composed of two parts – the original function that you wanted to create (such as dividing two numbers) and a value to use when this function doesn’t make sense (like trying to divide by 0 or a word).

Let’s take a basic table of data that contains three columns. The total amount of a restaurant bill is in the first column, and the second column is comprised of the number of people in the party that received the bill. In the third column, we want to calculate the price per person.

Advanced Excel Functions - IFERROR - online Excel course

Task: Use the IFERROR function

(1)     Create the spreadsheet above using the data in columns A & B.

(2)     Perform a simple calculation to divide the Total Price by the number of people to get the answer in Colum C

(3)     Notice the error messages

(4)     Click on cell C2 and type the following function =IFERROR(A2/B2,”Unknown”)

(5)     Use the fill handle to copy it down the column. Notice that where-ever the error normally occurred; it has been replaced by the word Unknown.

(6)     This time try =IFERROR(A2/B2,””) and notice that the cells where an error occurred are now showing no value.

If you’d like to participate in our online Microsoft Excel training course visit this link.

Want to do a course online but not sure how online training courses work?

If you want to have a group of people trained in your office or our training centre call us on (02) 9971 0000 or visit our online schedule to enrol into Class-Based Training in Chatswood, Sydney.

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Advanced Excel Tip: IF Statements

Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Course - Sales Commission IF - intro

Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Course - Sales Commission IF - intro

IF Statements are what is called a LOGICAL test, such as is this value larger than this, if true do (or display) this, if false then do (or display) that. IF statements can be used for a lot of different things and all of them save you having to manual go through the data and perform the calculations themselves.

These are some examples of how IF statement can be used:

= IF (Question eg B17>B16, do this, otherwise do this)

OR, if you want to show text

=IF(Question eg B17>B16, “Text if correct”, “Text if incorrect”)

OR if you want to perform a calculation

=IF(Question eg B17>B16, if yes multiply sales by 2%, if not multiply sales by 1.5%)

We’ve attached the file that we used to create the image in this blog post so you can open the file and see the formulas that we have entered into cells D7 and E7. Click on each cell to see the formula. See if you can duplicate these values down each column.

Excel exercise file: Sales Commission IF – Intro

If you’d like to participate in our online Microsoft Excel training course visit this link.

Want to do a course online but not sure how online training courses work?

If you want to have a group of people training in your office or our training centre call us on (02) 9971 0000 or visit our online schedule to enrol into Class-Based Training in Chatswood, Sydney.

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Microsoft Excel 2007 & 2010 Training – menus and ribbons

If you are receiving this as an email, click on the heading to see the free training video at the EzyLearn blog.

Microsoft Excel is still the worlds most popular spreadsheet program by a long shot. I’ve used Google’s spreadsheet and it is a fantastic tool if you want to access or share a spreadsheet online but it’s still not the same as using Microsoft Excel and with the prices becoming quite competitive and Microsoft offering new ways of sharing Microsoft Office documents in “the Cloud” it is still easier to use what you know, ie. Microsoft Excel.

We are in production of our 2010 Microsoft Office training videos as part of the beefing up of our online training courses and this videos is one of the new batch covering fundamental tools in Microsoft Excel 2007/2010.

If you wish to learn how to use Microsoft Excel at a beginner or intermediate level, Steve who created the training material will be teaching at Maxis Solutions training centre in Chatswood in February.

Are you new to online training courses? Check out our brief tour on how online learning works.

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Steve training Excel and MYOB in December

If you are located in Sydney and want to attend an MYOB Day to Day Transactions course or Beginners Microsoft Excel 2007 before the festive season begins, you are in luck. Steve, who has created most of the EzyLearn content for computer software training is the trainer for the upcoming Excel and MYOB courses at Chatswood training centre Maxis Solutions.

Steve will use his humour and years of education experience to make the the learning of these software programs as simple and as quick as possible.

The one day courses are usually held on a Wednesday and you can enrol online using their secure and automatic enrolment service. Click the link below to enrol:

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Earn money with phone bill analysis and Microsoft Excel

phone bill analysis example 2 - virion
phone bill analysis example - virion
phone bill analysis example - virion

One of the benefits of a spreadsheet is you can use a reasonably complicated spreadsheet over and over. One person goes to the effort of creating a spreadsheet and millions of people could potentially use that spreadsheet for a similar purpose.

The people at virion business grade voip have put a spreadsheet together to make it easier for them to perform price comparisons for their customers. The virion prices are fixed into the spreadsheet so all you need to do is enter in information about the costs on your phone bill and hey presto, phone bill analysis showing potential savings.

virion operates a distributed business model using “cloud based” software to manage and promote their business. Cloud computing is where your software operates over the internet, just like your banking and email applications like Hotmail and Gmail. Even powerful companies like MYOB are facing competition from cloud based solutions which are smaller, nimbler and more in tune with early adopters of new technology.

As part of the virion distributed business model they are seeking the help of remote contractors who are interested in earning money performing price comparisons for people they know as well as from leads provided by the company.

If you are interested in performing these tasks and earning money while working from home register as a remote contractor for further details as they come to hand.

If you want to take a look at the Microsoft Excel file that virion voip use for the phone bill analysis, please see the attachment to this blog post. Call Cost Comparison Spreadsheet v5 – RC

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We’ll notify you when we create a new training video?

I’ve had a Feedburner account (part of Google) for a year and never really understood the benefit of it until now. When you set feedburner up you tell it the RSS feed address of your blog and it keep track of every new feed that you create (or article that I write). That is all good and well and FeedBurner has been working hard to keep track of all the articles and sales texts I have been writing but it never really did anything, until now.

You might notice a little “subscribe now” box at the bottom of every post? If you enter your email address, you’ll receive an email which contains the details of each new post that I write from this website. It is a great way to keep informed through your email about what is going on at EzyLearn. Now is especially a good time to subscribe because I am scheduled to start creating our Excel 2007 and MYOB Payroll training videos for our online courses very soon. I plan to upload each video to this site so that I can get your comments and feedback about the contents and exercises to learn the new skills.

Subscribe now and you’ll be kept in the loop. You might also want to follow us on twitter, this post is automatically added to Twitter as well 🙂

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New online training course videos due shortly

I’ve just setup our Youtube channel and uploaded some existing videos so they are available for the world to see. My next goal is to create a blog post and link that blog post to the youtube video. This is the first attempt, wish me luck…