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How to get employers contacting you


Employers like small business owners are looking for staff online using Google. From office admin and business administration tasks to bookkeeping and customer service and sales, employers need staff to keep their businesses running.

The only way you are going to get discovered is if you have an online profile that CAN GET DISCOVERED and that is what membership to the Bookkeeping Academy does for you.

The biggest difference between applying for jobs and having employers contact you is that rather than go through the job application elimination process you’ll need to know what to say to employers when they call.

Questions to ask employers and clients

You can’t just say “I need more money, can I have the job”. You need to be able to identify:

  • what work they need you to do,
  • how they want you to work
  • the working hours and pay

One of the hardest things you’ll need to learn is how to say, “Sorry I don’t think I can help you!”

Xero Training Course and Xero Certificate - Daily Transactions - EzyLearn

In bookkeeping work alone there are so many different types of work that you need to clarify what clients want.

The easiest way for you to get into bookkeeping if you are new to it is through data entry of invoices and purchase orders.

These are all basic bookkeeping tasks you’ll learn in the daily transactions courses in Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks Online.

Do more after your online course


Get discovered online with a Bookkeeping Academy membership and other Career Academy Services to help you become more productive and efficient in the workplace.

If you want the support and nurturing that comes with an Internship you can explore becoming a Remote Contractor.

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Welcome to Bookkeeping Academy Member: Gina Diprose

MYOB and Xero Bookkeeping and Training with Gina in Tasmania - Bookkeeping Courses

I wrote about the Bookkeeping Academy membership a couple weeks ago and how it’s our aim to help our students get discovered for bookkeeping work after they complete their course.

Gina has 10 years experience in every aspect of operating and managing a tourist and caravan park in her home state of Tasmania and she loved the bookkeeping side of the work so much she wants to do it for other businesses.

She learnt how to use Xero and loves how it means she can do the work from anywhere – even Zeehan in Tasmania’s west.

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