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She Shares “Sales Secrets” for Bookkeepers Starting New Business

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ONLINE INDUCTIONS ARE WIDELY used for contractors who visit building sites or any other site where they perform work that can be risky, like plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing, security etc.

Many  inductions are delivered manually by a qualified staff member (usually in the WH&S department). Usually any person in the organisation or business who hasn’t yet been inducted will be notified about the forthcoming induction and urged to attend.

However, this way of carrying out inductions can be a little hit and miss — people can be absent, overlook (or ignore) communications, and the quality of the inductions themselves probably vary. 

Induction: a formalised, systemised way to educate and instruct

The proper, full-proof way to carry out inductions or safety courses is to have them delivered exactly the same way every time and keep an accurate electronic record of who completed the course and when. That’s when you need an online induction system.

EzyLearn has delivered online training since 2006 when we closed our last physical training centre in Sydney and dedicated ourselves to delivering quality, industry recognised online courses

Who needs an induction?

Inductions are used for contractors who are not technically employees of a company; they are also used for new employees. There is a lot to learn when you first join a company and an online induction enables the process to be managed centrally by the human resources department. It also ensures that new staff are fully up to speed before they even begin working — they can even do it from home before they start.

Sign up for our new Bookkeeping Business Induction

Natbooks homepage of website Find a Good Local or Remote BookkeeperNational Bookkeeping is one of our initiatives to help people who have accounting and bookkeeping jobs and/or qualifications start a business and perform bookkeeping as a contractor from their own home.

This may involve visiting a client face-to-face once a week or working remotely from home. Depending on your skills level, you may even be able to do one-to-one or remote training for your clients and other people and businesses.

The great news is you can earn an income based from your home office and avoid travelling long distances to an accounting job in the city or major centre. Best of all, you can be your own boss.

Because we practise what we preach, we now have the new business induction process for bookkeepers looking to join National Bookkeeping online. As a bonus, you’ll receive access to our interview with a successful bookkeeper who shares her tips on:

  1. How to find new clients
  2. How to manage your weekly and monthly calendar, and
  3. How to earn a good rate even if you’re NOT a registered BAS agent

Find out more


registered BAS agent joining an employer recognised industry association

Read more about the packages National Bookkeeping is offering for bookkeepers who are keen to become their own boss and work from home or in their local area.

A cheap way to receive LOTS of business start up training

learn how to start a bookkeeping business online training course videos

As a training organisation we know how important it is to learn new skills and use them; we also understand the importance of working with a plan towards your business goals. 

Helping you with your business plan is an integrated part of our new bookkeeper induction process. If you don’t have a plan, we’ll help you create one based on our EzyStartUp Course. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COURSE



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