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FREE Xero Accounting & PayPal Training Workbook

FREE Xero Accounting Training Course Workbook

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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

WHEN RUNNING YOUR business, is most of the contact you have with your customers via your mobile phone?

In late 2017 I was involved in a renovation of a Newcastle investment property. During this, I came in direct contact with many tradespeople including:

  • plumbers
  • electricians
  • carpenters
  • asbestos removal contractors
  • painters
  • builders, and
  • labourers

— and one thing really stood out: the way they all seemed to live and breath via their mobile phones but rarely get onto a computer!

This Xero Accounting and PayPal training workbook is our free gift to you. It’s designed for all tradespeople — and anyone else — who does the bulk of their work (and their pricing) ‘out and about’.

It’s designed to help people who just want to get the  financial aspect of their work sorted out — so they can get back to doing what they do best. In the case of these tradies, it was doing a great job on the tools.

3 ways Xero can help you improve sales and cashflow

FREE Xero Accounting Training Course Workbook
Get your FREE Xero Accounting Training Course Workbook

I also got a sense that a lot of the tradespeople I met weren’t using Xero and PayPal the way they ought to — and I’m talking about quite simple ways to better your businesses and quoting processes.

And this doesn’t just apply to tradespeople: there are all kinds of “work-winning” tasks that many small business people should do, but don’t.

  1. For example, things like quoting from a potential job site or from the road, rather than waiting until you get back in the office and the moment has been lost.
  2. Invoicing on the spot while you are at your customers premises
  3. Giving customers the option to pay using a Credit Card or PayPal

Cash Conversion Cycle

The concept of the Cash Conversion Cycle is not known by many small businesses who can least afford to spend time chasing up debts owed to them. By following a good credit management process when quoting and making payments available via PayPal most small businesses can improve their business cashflow by at least 20%.

Learn more about the Cash Conversion Cycle.

Easy to apply benefits of Xero and PayPal

I could see that many of these tradespeople would benefit with a basic understanding of how to use software and online services like Xero and PayPal to:

  1. Increase their profit
  2. Improve their cashflow, and
  3. Reduce the amount of money they spend chasing payment!

We have some pretty advanced Xero accounting training in our Cloud Accounting courses. But we wanted something simpler for the business people who don’t need to know advanced things, but still need to use Xero as the foundation of their businesses.

The EzyLearn team has put together a Xero Beginners’ Course Workbook to help tradespeople and others master the quoting, invoicing and payment aspects of their business.

Get it for FREE — or pass it on to a friend!

This Xero Accounting Training Course Workbook is yours’ for free, pass it onto a friend if you think they’ll get a benefit or even use it to get a basic understanding of using Xero for Invoicing and Accounts Receivable to get an accounts job.

Just visit our new Online Training Course Catalogue website and get the Xero Training Course Workbook for free.

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