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ATTN: Online Business Course FREE with Xero, MYOB, Excel & Bookkeeping Academy Training Course Packages

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Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Online Businesses Courses are coming to our FREE Student Inclusions and they’re aimed at helping you work better online from home. 

We made the move online a long time ago and with it came great benefits but it wasn’t a simple case of doing the same thing we did in our Sydney training centres! We had to deal with the loneliness and disconnection associated with not being in an office with others!

Our new, updated online business courses are designed to give you tools to be confident doing your work online.

Xero Accounting helps in sales and customer service jobs for remote workers working from home - EzyLearn online courses

The video on this page explains very clearly how online cloud accounting software like Xero, MYOB Essentials and QuickBooks can help every business run better and in our forthcoming online business courses we’re sharing insights we’ve gleaned over the last decade. 

We’re also demystifying some of the technical words that website developers and designers use so that Aussie business owners can do more online with their own website. 

Accounting and advertising online is huge

Xero Accounting started in a tiny office in New Zealand and now compete against MYOB in Australia but also with Intuit (QuickBooks) in the United States and Sage (in the United Kingdom). Xero Accounting made accounting “sexy” by bringing it to the tech nerds who liked playing with new and fancy gadgets. Google pioneered the way for online advertising by providing a simple and easy to use Search Engine. 

We’re all now familiar with the concept of logging into a website to do a wide variety of things (like banking, advertising and accounting) and the new frontier for small businesses is online customer service and sales.

Both of these aspect of business are made easier with mobile phones and good internet services and customers are starting to expect more from business websites.

Website Chat and Support Tickets

EzyLearn Support Satisfaction Statistics for MYOB training courses

When you get an email from EzyLearn it is created in ZenDesk, not Gmail or Hotmail or Microsoft Outlook. The reason is ZenDesk allows multiple support agents to be abreast of the needs of thousands of students at all times and allows them to contribute with information and to help finding solutions. 

ZenDesk has helped us systemise our student support for complicated accounting courses with lots of practical exercises and also acts as a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) that allows us to be aware of our students needs from 2011!

By the way our rating is now consistently 95%!

A student from 2013 got life for Microsoft Excel

Xero COMPLETE Training Courses Online Suite - EzyLearn

I was looking through our recent support tickets where a support agent told a student who enrolled into our Xero courses that she actually has lifetime access to our Excel COMPLETE course and she was thrilled! It was all because the information was in our support ticketing system. 

Website chat software enables customers to ask questions right while they are on our website!

Two decades ago website visitors would quickly shut down their browser if they saw that someone was available right there and then to help them.

This is really just the modern version of having a shop assistant at a retail shop to help customers by answering questions, making recommendations and helping to process the sale. 

This is our Online Business Digital life

These examples are common place now and customers are expecting to get great customer service when visiting businesses websites.

The Coronavirus pandemic has pushed us all into working remotely and now more than ever these online tools are a necessity – not just for business owners and their websites but for employees who work for the businesses to support customers.

We use a hosting company in the US for our website and we communicate with that company via email and website chat almost all the time – and they are able to solve all our questions and issues quickly, in writing and online. They also have a support ticketing system that we can refer back to since we first started using them and it is fantastic!

Stay tuned for new additions to the Digital Business Course and reach out if you need help.

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