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Digital Business Skills to Compliment Xero & MYOB Training


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About a year ago from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

Digital Business Skills are important for everyone who works for a company or who owns one. Authentication for Xero Course students highlighted to me the importance of general digital business skills. Our Digital Business Course has been available for a while as a FREE student inclusion but we’ve recently added to it.

Electricians, tradies and real estate agents are communicating with prospects and customers digitally, even regarding their accounts, and I wrote about how we’ve started to see these skills come up in office admin job ads. If you have any doubts about how to do this you need to up-skill.

Website Chat is NOT so scary

When I first learnt about and played around with Website Chat systems over a decade and a half ago people where scared of them! No one back then would have imagined that they would actually talk to a staff member while at their website!

Most website visitors think that they can browse freely from one site to the next without anyone knowing what they are doing but that is not the case.

Using Zendesk Chat for active onlines sales agents, representatives and customer service jobs you can do working remotely from home

With website chat systems you can’t glean the personal identify of a complete stranger but you can see if they have been to your website before. You can see

  • how often they have been to your website, and you
  • which pages they’ve visited.

NONE of this is really valuable if you want to make a sale today, get a client today or even just speak to someone today but it gives you great analytics – and marketing people love that!

Call-To-Actions are Important

Digital business is all about planning and strategy, not desperation. The problem with some small business people, particularly those in business for themselves for the first time is that they hope for things to happen for them instantly – as if having an online business and a website will create instant success, but that is rarely the case.

How to engage with customers using Digital Marketing Strategies for small businesses - EzyLearn

So many people are starting online businesses these days because they have no other options. It is hard to find work because of the pandemic and anyone looking for an online income now has a whole lot of people to COMPETE with.

A Call-To-Action is a reason you give a prospective customer to make contact with you.

There are dozens of ways of creating a Call-To-Action and we reveal some of those ways in the Digital Business Course.

Showcasing an Electrician, Tradie and Real Estate Agent

I’m very lucky to have worked with lots of business owners over the last few decades and some of them are happy to share information about how we helped them digitise their business.

Digital Marketing Training Courses for Electrician and Refrigeration expert in Central Coast, Ourimbah, Wyong and Gosford

Some people starting out with their first digital asset (like a website) struggle with the technical concept of domain names, website hosting, DNS and email hosting, while others just want to start advertising without a clear strategy.

I met one business owner recently who had an average website and no office Customer Service or Sales Agent staff and yet he was wasting $60,000 per year (in losses) because he thought that spending more money on Google Ads would fix his problems!

The best way to become successful online and working remotely is to design a strategy and then test and measure to see what works.

You can spend thousands of dollars creating what YOU think is the perfect website only to discover that customers can’t get the information they want and don’t like the site. How do you fix this?

Start small and simple with a Minimal Viable Website and then find out what customers need and want – then give it to them.

What do employers want?

If you are starting out in your own business providing professional services your website might contain information that is similar to your resume – after all employers, just like clients, want to know what you know, how much experience you have and how easy you will be to work with.

Bookkeeping Career Academy short courses in MYO, Xero and QuickBooks Online - get certified

One of the most important skills you’ll come to benefit from are your Customer Service skills so the better you become at customer service the more clients you’ll get and more money you’ll make.

Some of the largest companies in the world use Good Customer Service as a strategy that they expect to bring them extra revenue each you and with website chat systems it can easily be running in the background for any or all office administration staff.

If you are providing Xero Bookkeeping services it is not too much to consider that you may need to communicate with customers regularly using various different communication channels, including:

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  1. Website chat
  2. Email,
  3. SMS (PS. you can now text us on 0488 883 655 if you have any questions about our courses), and
  4. Phone

See what is included in the Digital Business Course and either enrol directly or choose a Bookkeeping Academy (learn both MYOB and Xero) or Office Academy Training Package where this course is included for free.

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