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Integrations turn Xero into a Powerful Business Administration System for Small Business

Popular HR, Time Management, Project Tracking Integrations, Apps and Addons for Xero - Learn Xero Online

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HubSpot is better at marketing, Square at Point of Sale, Stripe at payments and QuickFee for Buy Now Pay Later for Accountants and Lawyers – and they all integrate with Xero.

Being online these software programs integrate and share data so you can manage many different parts of your business and have live, up-to-date information and reports.

Our new Accounting Software Integrations course is now available and included with selected Xero Online Training Courses.

Point of Sales is specialised

Lightspeed is a fully features POS system that also keeps track of your stock levels. These specialised programs are designed with lots of bells and whistles that customers want but wouldn’t expect to find in their core accounting software.

Square POS System Register - Integrates with Xero Accounting training courses and Support from $49

For example a supplier might come and drop something off at a restaurant and the Lightspeed system enables them to make a cash withdraw from the till to pay for it (if your systems are set up that way and you trust your staff).

One of the most prolific that I have seen is Square. I’ve seen it at cafe’s and restaurants and even at kids sporting events in the canteens. They streamline POS and make it something so easy for anyone to use to keep track of what is sold and accept credit card payments.

Workforce Management & Payroll

Scheduling staff rosters and communicating with staff about their roster, holidays and sick days is incredibly time consuming but important part of managing your staff. Specialist apps like Harvest, Deputy and Tsheets (now owned by Intuit QuickBooks) provide this functionality.

Although this level of detail is not required by all businesses, those who need it have traditionally turned to a different company for a solution – until Xero and Intuit started buying them all up!

Read about Xero’s recent purchase of Planday.

Stay tuned for updates about our Workforce Management course which is currently in production.

Manage Work from Home Staff

A number of time and project tracking addons have been available for several years but companies are starting to pay attention to them because they have features which ensure that staff are productive.

Screenshot capture of remote workers desktop using HiveDesk

I used Upwork when it was called oDesk and one of the features of their platform that I found fascinating was the screen capture tool.

It took 6 random screen captures of what the Virtual Assistant/Remote Contractor was working on – it was fascinating to see Facebook and social media sites creeping into the “work time”.

I recall using it for our International workers at the time but don’t think it’s a good “trust Indicator” for local staff.

Company Owned Integrations

I’ve written in the past about Xero’s purchases of Hubdoc and Planday and how they have already owned WorkflowMax for a long time and seem to keep buying software which integrates with the core accounting functions.

Intuit, the market-leader in the United States has also been on a buying spree to secure as much of the accounting software spend as possible. MYOB appears to be the only one trying to build much of their functionality themselves.

New Course: Accounting software Integrations

We’ve completed our newest online short course that delves into all these integrations, including where to find them and which ones are popular.

Some business owners don’t like the idea of having to pay for Xero (or MYOB & QuickBooks) and then shelling out extra money each month for specialist software for inventory, HR, Proposals and Quotes etc.

When you look at how accounting software works with bigger business or simply how much time and effort they save you can see why smart businesses use many apps, addons and integrations to manage their business.

This course is also now included with selected Xero training course BUNDLES and Packages so please make contact and ask us if you are not sure.

Explore the Accounting Software Integrations Intro Course

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