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FREE Courses for Job Seekers who enrol into MYOB, Xero and Excel Complete

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Xero’s financial report reveals BIG loss but share price pop. -

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If you have enrolled into a course with EzyLearn be sure to check out these FREE student inclusions.

We’re creating and updating our online courses every month and we’re listening to feedback from students to understand what they need. We’re even paying EzyLearn graduates for their expertise in the work they do. If you want to see how you can earn money using your expertise check out the LIFELONG Learning Hub in the Learning Site or reach out to our support team.

FREE Courses for Job Seekers

Dropbox training course is free with xero courses, MYOB courses and Microsoft Excel Courses

If you are looking for accounts or office admin jobs EzyLearn courses give you practical skills based on typical workplace scenarios. Many of them we use in our own business. One of the most critical tools we use is Dropbox because it enables our remote working team to access all types of files and creates an automatic backup.

The Dropbox training course is included as a FREE Student Inclusion for jobseekers.

I use Dropbox for everything, even on my phone to manage screenshots, photographs and every file I ever need. It means I can even access these files when I only have my phone with me!


Bookkeeping and Accounts are the lifeblood of every business and most office administration staff are exposed to the accounts department in some way. Even receptionists are asked accounting questions from visitors or callers.

Learn about the basic bookkeeping skills in all the major accounting programs for free when you enrol into selected EzyLearn courses as a job seeker.

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