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Are your love languages stopping you from studying MYOB & Xero before Xmas?

5 love languages to start and finish your MYOB & Xero Training Courses quickly

I was speaking with someone recently who had to get more confident in using MYOB & Xero and they were talking about reasons they might not be able to enrol into a course. What was interesting was that most of the negatives appears to be caused by their husband. 

It’s time management that I’m talking about and that becomes even more of an issue if you are job hunting around this time of the year! Continue reading Are your love languages stopping you from studying MYOB & Xero before Xmas?

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How-To Guides: Writing a killer resume?

Example of a Resume CVIf you are like a lot of students who enrol into our online MYOB and Excel training courses you probably haven’t used your CV in quite a while. I had a situation in 2008 when I needed a CV for a project I was presented with and it was a time consuming task which took a lot longer than I expected.

We’ve been talking to a man who operated his own head-hunting business and he has plenty of experience in not only presenting himself to potential employers, but also as a person who reads resumes, and conducts interviews on a day to day basis.

We also spoke to a professional writer and a rehabilitation consultant and they will share their insights as well as provide tips on how to write the perfect resume, prepare for job interviews, write cover letters and much more. Their team even includes a professional bookkeeper who will share insights about how to find work as a bookkeeper.

These career professionals are team members of our training partners, Workface, and you can read their job seekers blog as well as subscribe so you receive the tips via email.

One of the tid-bits that I can reveal is the importance of personalising every resume so that the recipient feels like you are talking only to them. Subscribe to their blog and get some great job seeking skills.

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