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Match these Office Admin & Accounts jobs with the courses to help you get them


Someone made contact with us to find out which data entry and office admin courses they need to do to get a job using MYOB. It’s logical to want to know which courses will give you the skills for specific jobs so we put these guides together.

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Seen the new cheap accounting software on Facebook? FREE for 6 months, is it okke?

OKKE FREE accounting software for 6 months no online training required vs Xero - Website Image - EzyLearn

Am I a bookkeeping nerd or is everyone else also seeing these “financial” advertisements for tax lodgement, easy bookkeeping and 6 month FREE access to accounting software?

It’s interesting to see a new accounting software company appear in Australia despite the fact that many have come and gone in the past – particularly during this market downturn for technology shares! Their offer is pretty compelling though..

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Protected: Summer Learning Discount Voucher Code: 30% OFF MYOB, Xero and Microsoft Office Training Courses

EzyLearn Discount Voucher Coupons online training for Office, Excel, Xero, MYOB, Marketing courses 2

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What % of expenses can you claim to reduce your taxable income?

Working from home and claiming expenses using Xero & MYOB software training courses

We’ve received lots of training course inquiries from new business in this last couple of months and a question that came up recently was “do you have a course that explains how much I can claim”. The person was asking about how much of the cost of their car can they claim as an expense because they use it for their business.

The answer to this question reminded me of how “flexible” the taxation laws are in Australia. You can “claim” any amount that you want and unless you are audited by the ATO you could possibly get away with it!!

The correct way is to determine how much of your costs are actually associated with your business and use that percentage. The ATO goes on to explain how to do this in detail.

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MYOB Business is AccountRight & Essentials but can it catch up to Xero?

MYOB has fallen behind in recent years to other accounting software like Xero.  With Xero’s cloud accounting-first strategy, it’s become a leading software in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada – by focusing on integrations and simple accounting solutions.

MYOB, on the other hand, has caused confusion over its multiple products and unexpected updates, which have since caused users to gravitate away from it.

Now, its repackaged MYOB Essentials and AccountRight under one cloud-based solution.  Will this solve its problems?

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Sorry Apple, but MYOB is opting out of AccountEdge because of Catalina

MYOB AccountEdge is currently unavailable - Apple Catalina made MYOB promote MYOB Essentials Online training courses

Fortnite publisher Epic Games is splitting their software into two versions because of a fight they’ve decided to pick with Apple over the fees that Apple earn from apps in their Appstore. MYOB recently made a decision to discontinue their Mac version of accounting software called MYOB AccountEdge because of a change in the iOS software that runs most Apple PC’s.

Accounting Edge has been the long time relative of MYOB AccountRight for Windows devices and if a feature was available in one version it was often quite similar in AccountingEdge, but Apple made a change and MYOB can no longer update their software to keep up – NO WONDER they’ve been pushing their “Xero competing” version, MYOB Essentials so hard! Here’s what they had to say. Continue reading Sorry Apple, but MYOB is opting out of AccountEdge because of Catalina

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Migrating Away from MYOB AccountRight to Xero or QuickBooks

Accredited migration experts can help migrate from MYOB AR to Xero - MYOB Accountright Learn Fast - online training courses for accounting jobs - EzyLearn

Changing accounting systems for an established business is like changing banks. You need to make sure all your new services and accounts are setup and working correctly and then change all your paperwork and systems to make sure the old ones aren’t used any more. Then you’ve got to let everyone who needs to know, know.

It’s easy to say but a fair bit harder to do but more and more companies are making the change from MYOB to Xero. Here’s what we’re building to help

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Are your love languages stopping you from studying MYOB & Xero before Xmas?

5 love languages to start and finish your MYOB & Xero Training Courses quickly

I was speaking with someone recently who had to get more confident in using MYOB & Xero and they were talking about reasons they might not be able to enrol into a course. What was interesting was that most of the negatives appears to be caused by their husband. 

It’s time management that I’m talking about and that becomes even more of an issue if you are job hunting around this time of the year! Continue reading Are your love languages stopping you from studying MYOB & Xero before Xmas?

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Is it Harder to Get Customer Emails from MYOB than Xero?

email marketing training course using Mailchimp & integrating with Xero

“Google Ads” and “Facebook Boosted Posts” are really, really popular right now. BUT the costs of these are getting higher and higher as well. A lot of businesses are struggling to measure the return on investment (ROI), and many are now turning to something far more easily measurable – direct marketing. 

Direct marketing use to mean sending addressed letters using a mail merge between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel but these days it means email marketing.

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SuperStream is good news for small businesses (and bookkeepers!)

What is SuperStream?

I recently wrote about SuperStream, the government reform introduced last year to improve the efficiency of the superannuation system, and which provides businesses with a set of standards to ensure super contributions are paid in a timely and consistent manner.

For small businesses, operating with nineteen or fewer employees, the ATO is encouraging them to take steps to become compliant with the new SuperStream measures, before the June 30 deadline in 2016, giving them twelve months to ensure compliance.

We’d heard grumbles from a few small business owners and bookkeepers who felt that SuperStream sounded like just another scheme they needed to become compliant with, which would ultimately end up creating more work for them, so we decided to speak to an expert to find out.

Why is SuperStream Good?

Xero and MYOB cloud accounting training coursesMargaret Carey is a registered BAS agent, accounting software and cloud specialist, and owner of the accounting software consultancy firm Business EEz. She’s contributed to our blog in the past regarding She agreed to answer a couple of our questions about SuperStream and what it means for small businesses and bookkeepers alike.

EzyLearn: How does SuperStream change the way small businesses make super contributions for their employees?

Margaret Carey: There are two sides to making a superannuation payment, from the perspective of the employer; firstly, they have to tell the super fund which person they’re paying the money for and the period they’re paying it for, and they have to give that information to the super fund every single time for each of their employees. The second part of the process is actually transferring the money to the super fund. What SuperStream does is it streamlines that entire procedure into a one-step process – so the information has to be provided electronically and the payments paid that way too. SuperStream cuts down the time delay, it cuts down the potential for error, and it ensures the money arrives in the employee’s super fund much more promptly, as well as being fully traceable.

EL: So with SuperStream you can virtually go in and input all of the employee information and also make the payment at the exact same time, like shopping for something online, almost?

MC: Yeah it is, but this is where accounting software really helps people because it takes care of all that for you. All of the small business account software packages are now SuperStream compliant. Just as an example, with Xero, when you set your employees up in the system, you also put in their super fund details, and then when you do your payroll, there’s just a button that you push to create the super fund report, which goes straight off to the super fund and the money goes straight out of your bank account to the super fund; it’s just so straightforward, so much easier than anything else.

EL: Wow, so really SuperStream has made the super process much, much easier?

MC: It has. It really was an administrative nightmare. But I think a lot of people don’t appreciate [SuperStream] and they think, ‘Oh god, another thing I’ve got to comply with,’ but it makes their life so much easier, so I think lots of people are unnecessarily worried about it when, in fact, it makes life easier and automates things a lot more. A lot of people, anyway, without realising are already SuperStream compliant; it’s just now that they’re being told they absolutely have to be, but I think it’s a really good initiative.

EL: So the Australian Government has also set up a Superannuation Clearing House for small businesses, how does that work – do you still use your accounting software? How does that fit into the SuperStream picture?

MC: If someone is using an up-to-date accounting software – and all accounting software has to be compliant now – then they’re probably better off just doing it through their accounting software. Each accounting package has a clearing house linked into it – Xero, for instance, uses ClickSuper – so there’s no need to use Australian Government’s clearing house. But I’ve got other clients who aren’t up-to-date with their accounting software subscriptions or they’ve got old versions of MYOB and they haven’t got the SuperStream compliance function there, so they use the clearing house. But you would only use that now, in my mind, if you were not using any payroll accounting software. Mostly, I think people would or should be looking to use their accounting software because you haven’t got to do anything extra – it’s all there; press two buttons and it’s done.

EL: What else can you tell me about SuperStream that businesses or bookkeepers should be aware of that we haven’t already discussed?

MC: There is just one slight difficulty with self-managed super funds. Because you have to send everything electronically, self-managed super funds have to have some sort of messaging service. So let’s say I have a self-managed super fund and I’m an employee, then I would give my employer all my super fund details and I would have to get a messaging service so that they could put that into their records so a message would get sent to my self-managed super fund each time they make a contribution, so that’s a bit of an overhead for people with self-managed funds. But other than that, I support it. It’s a really great initiative.

We concur and recommend the main accounting software providers

SuperStream is a great initiative that helps streamline the superannuation process for business owners and bookkeepers, providing, of course, that you have a current subscription to an accounting package that has Australian operations, such as Xero, Reckon, MYOB, Quickbooks, and Saasu. Any overseas-only based accounting packages, like Zoho, won’t be compliant with SuperStream, just as they can’t cater for BAS either, so for businesses that need an accounting package with payroll capabilities, it’s best to shop local.

To ensure you’re SuperStream compliant, you need to set up the payroll component of your accounting software. Our MYOB and Xero training courses both cover payroll, which includes how to set up an employee and their super details. Visit our website for more information or enrol in a training course today.