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JOB SITES ARE IN ABUNDANCE in Australia. The market leader is Seek, which controls 85 percent of the online recruitment market. Most job site advertisers use Seek because they will get the widest and potentially best range of job applicants and job seekers.

Typically, if you’re looking for a good-quality job that doesn’t tie you to a specific industry — the way journalism ties journalists to the media industry, or construction work ties builders and plumbers and cabinet-makers to the construction industry — you’ll find it on Seek. But here are 8 more website you can use.

Seek is where most jobs are advertised

Why there are so many job boards

While some of the alternative job sites are quite good, others are not so good. Nevertheless, the not-so-good job sites tend to stick around, for two reasons:  

  1. The proliferation of ATSs (Applicant Tracking Systems) which allow employers and recruiters to post and manage a single job listing across multiple job sites.
  2. They keep the online recruitment market competitive, which constrains the market leader in how aggressive it can be with price rises.  

The best job sites for accounting jobs

Given that bookkeeping jobs and accounting-related work doesn’t tie you to a specific industry (unless you want to be tied to one), you’re best off using a major job board to ensure you’re across the best-quality jobs as they become available.

  • Seek: Australia’s No. 1 job site by traffic, revenue and listings
  • Indeed: owned by Japan-based Recruit Holdings, one of the largest integrated HR tech / staffing / classified companies in the world
  • CareerOne: the distant No. 2 pure-play job vertical in Australia, now owned by b-to-b publisher Octomedia
  • Jora: a job aggregator owned by Seek
  • Adzuna: the U.K.-based aggregator that first launched in Australia as a joint venture with Fairfax Media; now wholly owned by Adzuna U.K., it’s parent company
  • Airtasker: a “gig” site. Employers post task they need completed and an estimated budget; job-seekers respond with quotes
  • Australia’s largest, publicly traded gig site; it operates the same way as Airtasker
  • LinkedIn: the world’s largest professional networking site, owned by Microsoft.

Broadly speaking, Seek and Indeed are Australia’s two major job sites that are operated independently of each other. Depending on the type of work you’re looking for, these sites offer the best and most efficient way to find the highest volume of jobs.


Broadly speaking, Seek and Indeed are Australia’s two major job sites that are operated independently of each other. Depending on the type of work you’re looking for, these sites offer the best and most efficient way to find the highest volume of jobs.


Some sites “appear” to have lots of listings

woman_payroll_administrator_administration_officerFor what it’s worth, Jora has three times as many job listings on its site as Indeed. “How” is a bit of a mystery. A lot are sourced from Seek, its parent company, while others may be duplicates posted directly to Jora in addition to Seek; others may be due to Seek’s association with staffing and recruitment companies. It’s not clear.

Even so, you probably don’t need to be poring through hundreds upon hundreds of job listings, when just a half dozen may yield a job interview — and, ideally, a job.

Xero & MYOB Bookkeeping Courses for Job Outcomes

Online bookkeeping cloud accounting services using MYOB, Quickbooks and XeroSome of the most important requirements for accounting job advertisers is that applicants have good practical skills in using popular accounting programs.

Our Xero and MYOB courses are designed by us to take students through real world scenarios over 30 days, a full quarter and even 6 months in our Xero Advanced Certificate Courses.

These courses are designed to give students the skills used by Payroll Administrators, Office Managers or simply entry level bookkeepers and junior accounts staff. Learn more about the potential job outcomes from our Bookkeeping Courses.

Seek sends job alerts while Indeed scrapes and sells for free

Seek is now a billion dollar multinational, listed on the ASX with job ad businesses across the globe. Although I talked them down several years ago, they currently offer the best technology to help you find work. Most job-seekers sign up for job alerts, which means they’ll receive an email when a new job meeting their search criteria is posted to the site. Seek also uses artificial intelligence to find other jobs it thinks is relevant to your search, and then notify you.

Indeed, meanwhile, scrapes ads from other job sites, company career pages, and even lets people snap a picture of “help wanted” signs posted in shop front windows and upload them to the site; employers can also post free ads directly to Indeed. Job-seekers can also sign up to job alerts.

Job alerts eliminate the need to scroll through the site each day to ensure you haven’t missed a new opportunity.

Job alerts eliminate the need to scroll through the site each day to ensure you haven’t missed a new opportunity.

A Gig is the new part-time, casual and contract accounts jobs

Gig and freelancing sites are unlikely to yield a good quality job; but they may find you side gigs that complement your full-time job. They’re fairly notorious for facilitating a race to the bottom on wages — something their gigging cousins, Uber and Foodora, have been in hot water over.

MASSIVE discounts, cheap special offers for online bookkeeping training courses in Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB Essentials & AccountRightFoodora has since exited the Australian market so while they’re great for people just starting out in their own site hustle and for people who want to earn some extra cash working at home or close to home (see the rise of the Mum-preneur), they may not be the place to build a successful bookkeeping business.  

We’ve written recently about the lowest-risk way to start freelancing or contracting work.

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