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STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING: I hate Telstra Online Essentials

Move away from Telstra Online Essentials to Wordpress websites on Crazy Domains - Learn Digital Online Marketing

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Last year from Steve Slisar's Twitter via Mailchimp

I hope I didn’t sound rude, but if you’ve read these blog posts you’d know I love playing around with new technology but Telstra Online Essentials is a website builder tool that infuriates me

I recently had an opportunity to help out Neville with his online marketing and that included exploring his current website on Telstra Online Essentials. We quickly got the EPP code for his domain name and transferred AWAY to Crazy Domains but they had some issues too!

Do it yourself Digital Marketing

Does this sound familiar to you? You’ve signed up to have your website built by a large respectable company like Tesltra, Local Search or Yellow Pages but want to get with something professional and on the WordPress platform. If so please get in touch and let us know your story. 

Digital Marketing Training Course Seminar presentation - spend less on Google Ads and more on SEO and bloggingTelstra Online Essentials is a website builder which provides business owners a bunch of tools designed to help them create a professional looking website that looks OK on a desktop, tablet and mobile device. I’ve used similar website builders in the past but the problem is that you’ll get stuck if you want a powerful website full of the latest features so I don’t recommend them at all.

The Digital Marketing COMPLETE training course package is now available for $25 per week AND here’s a FREE training presentation I did in Newcastle which touches on most of the topics covered in our COMPLETE package.

See below for the link

Telstra Online Essentials is a site builder tool similar to Wix

Although it seems to do most things OK, it’s typical of systems that are designed to keep you locked in. It’s actually quite rigid and limited – the biggest issue I had is with the number of pages you can create, we were limited to about 7!

Our digital marketing team transferred the domain name registration away from Telstra Online Essentials and to Crazy Domains.

Instead of spending about $70 per month with Telstra, Neville will be spending $250 per year (include SSL security certificate) for a much more powerful and flexible website and digital marketing.

WordPress websites use open source code  which allows hundreds of pages and blog posts and has thousands of plugins that give you the power to do some smart digital marketing, like the MailChimp plugin. If you have WordPress skills you can find work as a Digital Marketing co-ordinator or content specialist because much of the SEO tasks performed involves tweaking the tags and categories of the WordPress system and we teach this in our WordPress Beginners Course!

Telstra Online Essentials Training Video

Here’s a training video I created about the Telstra Online Essentials website builder and some of the steps we took to get the images and words across from Telstra Online Essentials to WordPress hosted by Crazy Domains.


Combine MailChimp for your lead capture and email list building

Digital Marketing Training Courses for Electrician and Refrigeration expert in Central Coast, Ourimbah, Wyong and GosfordI recently wrote about the power of marketing to your existing client base using a system like MailChimp. We do it because it’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways for any small businesses to reach potential customers and it needs to be part of every businesses digital marketing in this omnichannel marketing world we live in. 

With a WordPress website it is so easy to integrate MailChimp and start to do some smart and cheap digital marketing. 

If you want to keep track of our progress as we help to make Neville’s air conditioning and refrigeration business a standout in the NSW Central Coast make sure you subscribe to the virion Digital Marketing blog.

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