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Airtasker Desparately Seeking Links

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2 What is the Airtasker’s phone number?

Airtasker and other service marketplaces have sophisticated messaging systems so you can do all of your communications within the system. They also discourage putting contact details on the listings or in correspondence between parties. 

If you have a contractors phone number would you go through the Airtasker system? You’d call them directly wouldn’t you?

Airtasker offers:

  • warranty,
  • contractor rating & reviewing system,
  • partnerships with Coles and Ebay
  • a payment system , and
  • escrow.

Airtasker contacted this blog asking for inbound links - digital marketing & SEO strategy training coursesThese selling features make the service valuable to both parties, particularly the escrow service.

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Escrow means

  1. the customers pays or partially funds Airtasker for the work they want done.
  2. When the work is completed successfully the customer confirms this while the contractor is at the site, and
  3. The funds are released – the contractor is paid.

One of the biggest risks facing small businesses is getting paid and although there are ways around everything it is a good feeling for contractors to know the money is in the account waiting to be released once the work is done.

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What if the contractor complete his work and is paid but he did a crappy job? Airtasker has insurance but that didn’t help me..

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