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Online Inductions for Employees Improve Quality and Productivity

Online Inductions cover the risks, share the expectations and educate new people

Online Inductions for staff and contractors can include them reading and agreeing to your Policies and Procedures ManualWe’ve had growing interest in our online induction services and there are some things that are good to know about putting an induction into an online course format. The key benefits are that they are consistent for all staff or contractors who do it, they can do the induction from anywhere and in their own time and you’ll have evidence that they have completed it! That includes them agreeing to your policies and procedures.

Online Inductions can help with WH&S and policy risks

As an employer or a site administrator you are responsible to demonstrate due diligence in explaining any potential risks at your site and making sure any workers or contractors acknowledge those risks and that you have explained them. A test is usually the end task in an online and the certificate issued at the end of the successful completion of that test is one form of evidence that due diligence has been carried out.

Expectations are covered in Policy and Procedures in your online induction

Policies around parking and the treatment of other people as well as how you leave a workplace are the common areas of concern for most businesses but you can put anything you want in a policy document and because it’s your site, workers need to read and agree to your policies and procedures to work there.

Teach your staff and contractors

If there are aspects about your business that are important you can teach anyone who arrives to do work before they arrive. If they need to have a certain skill or they need to know about how something at your site works you can teach them. You can even give them training about your products, how to use Microsoft Excel or anything else you can think of.request a quote for an online induction system for your staff or contractors

If you want a quote to see how easy it is to get an online induction up and running for your business tell us what you want and we’ll see how we can help.

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Rapid Induction for Contractors Online

Online Inductions for Rapid Learning

Rapid Induct your contractors and staff. Image from John Rozum
Rapid Induct your contractors and staff. Image from John Rozum

I’ve written in the past about how our MYOB courses help students get inducted into the role of a bookkeeper because they take them through the steps a bookkeeper goes through in the daily operations of a small business. I’ve also written about the various other benefits of having an induction course:

  1. Induction for contractors who come to work at your site
  2. Keep staff engaged and motivated,
  3. What you should include in an induction course.

I am writing today to let you know that we are in the final stages of completing a course that teaches you how to create an online induction course! We have been creating online courses for over a decade and have gone through the course creation process hundreds of times and we realise that many companies need to create their own induction courses.

Rapid Induction for New Staff

Just the other week I was speaking with a successful small business bookkeeper who asked me about the best way to get his new staff up to speed. After a long conversation it dawned on me that this person needs a system to educate his new staff about his business. He needs an induction course for new staff to get them up to speed rapidly and if he created this course as an online course he could save hundreds of hours in person-time over the course of each year.

I explained that he would just need to convert any written document into a presentation using Powerpoint, record audio over it as a video presentation and then come up with some test questions and…. then I realised that most people aren’t as familiar with this stuff as we are.

Create an Online Induction Course

If you are interested in creating an online induction course to enable rapid induction of your staff, contractors, even customers then stay tuned as the launch date of our course is imminent. If you would like to learn but at this stage just want one created for you then learn more about our online induction course creation service.

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WHS Online Training Continued: Enrolment Forms and Exams

EzyLearn can help your business train WHS staff or provide credentialing and inductions.
EzyLearn can help your business train WHS staff or provide credentialing and inductions.

In a previous post we provided you with some tips on how to create a video for your work health and safety (WHS) induction training, which can be delivered online using EzyLearn’s learning management system. In this post, we look at handling enrolments and the most important element of all: testing your staff on their WHS knowledge!

Now that you’ve created your training content and it’s ready to be uploaded onto our learning management system, you need to create a way for people to enrol in your training course, which is accessible from a website.

How to Enrol People in Your Training Course

The easiest way to enrol your staff is to create an online enrolment form that either links to our learning management system where the person is automatically enrolled, or a more basic enrolment form that requires someone to manually enter the person’s details into our learning management system. The option you choose is largely dependent on the size of your organisation.

There are plenty of web-based form builders available that you can use to create your enrolment form, each varying in features and flexibility. If you’re looking for something that’s free, the Google Apps marketplace offers some fairly basic form-building software; there’s also Wufoo, which counts micro-blogging site, Twitter as one of its clients (along with us at EzyLearn!); if you’re looking for optimum flexibility, however, try Formsite.

Once you’ve created an enrolment form, you can use that same form-building software to create the exam your staff will need to complete in order to pass their induction training. It’s best to use a multiple-choice format for your exam, and try to keep the questions as simple as possible — in a real-world scenario, a person will need to respond to a potential safety risk quickly, so you want them to be as prepared as possible.

Have People Had the Requisite Training? Why You Need a Credentialing System

If your organisation has a lot of contractors coming and going on a daily basis, it may be necessary to have a credentialing system on your site. A credentialing system requires visitors to sign in upon arrival at your site to verify whether they’ve had the necessary WHS training.


EzyLearn has recently partnered with EzyAccess to provide a suite of options in the area of WHS training. This means that we can provide businesses with the means to induct and train their own staff and also verify and credential visitors to their site.

For more information on how EzyLearn can help your business with your WHS needs, contact us.